Repair Corrupted AVI Video File

“Hi everyone!!! Last week I had downloaded AVI video files from one of the website successfully. The problem arised when I tried to play the file, it displayed an error message indicating corrupt AVI video files. Is there any repairing tool to fix corrupt AVI video?”

Absolutely yes, with the help of an ideal fixing application called Remo Repair AVI you can fix such type of errors by a few simple steps.

Fixing Corrupted AVI Video File

Some of the issues responsible for AVI video file corruption are:

  • Virus Attack – Virus and other harmful threats present in Windows computer corrupts AVI videos. These viruses get exchanged during download process or from computer
  • Corrupt Hard Drive – When the hard drive where AVI video files are stored is corrupted due to presence of bad sectors, software conflicts, file system corruption then there are high chances of AVI file corruption
  • Interruptions while sharing files- While sharing AVI video files from one system to another, if there is any improper interruptions such as removing external device suddenly, power failure in between the process etc. then AVI video file might get corrupted

Apart from these situations, unexpected system shut down, using unreliable third party tools for editing AVI videos, application malfunctioning etc. are other reasons for AVI video file corruption on Windows system. To overcome these kinds of circumstances, install Remo Repair AVI program that explains how to fix corrupted AVI video file in simple steps effectively.

Why Remo Repair AVI utility?

Remo AVI Repair is one such wizard which is highly recommended by industrial experts to fix corrupted AVI video file within just a few minutes. This tool is non destructive read only software which will not alter any of your original information stored in AVI videos during the scanning process, instead it creates a new healthy video file by adjoining the audio-video stream simultaneously during the repair process. It is completely free from different types of malware infections as it is scanned using superior antivirus software. In simple words, the program is reliable, secured, safe and assures 100% repairing rate.

Salient features of Remo Repair AVI app:

  • The software is equipped with advanced scanning algorithms that repairs each and every part of the corrupt video file to convert it into a healthy playable one
  • It is designed with simple user interface so that non technical users can easily install and use it to repair corrupt AVI video file
  • Along with AVI files, the utility also fixes XVID, DIVX videos effortlessly
  • The wizard requires just nominal disk space for the installation process
  • Technical support team is available 24*7, to deal with customer related queries on how to repair corrupted AVI video files. So, if any doubt arises while using the application, then you are free to call them anytime
  • Preliminary version present in the software, can be used before purchasing the real product

Preventive Measures:

  • Download manager that is used to download AVI video file should be authorized
  • To prevent malware infections utilize reliable antivirus program to scan your Windows system regularly
  • Do not make use of incompatible media players for playing AVI videos
  • During the process of transferring AVI video files from Windows system to other system, do not remove the device in between the process
  • Maintain power backup i.e. connect your computer to UPS while accessing/viewing AVI video files without fail



Procedure to fix corrupted AVI video file:

Step 1: Download Remo Repair application to your Windows or Mac computer. Install the same and follow the simple instruction displayed on the screen. Select your corrupt AVI file with audio video sync issue using “Browse” or “Open” option.

How to Fix Corrupted AVI Video File- Main Window

Image 1: Main Window

Step 2: Once selected, click on “Repair” option to start the repair process. Monitor the repair process by looking at the progress bar.

Fix Corrupted AVI Video File - Repairing Progress

Image 2: Repairing Progress

Step 3: After completion, the tool displays the video file description. Finally, preview and save your fixed AVI file to your desired destination location.

Repair corrupted avi video file - Preview & Save Repaired File

Figure C: Preview & Save Repaired File