Guide to Permanently Fix Late Sound on Movies

AVI audio video out of sync issues holding you back from watching movies? Effectively fix the problem using Remo Repair AVI in just 3 easy steps. Download now the trial version of the software for free.

How to Fix a Corrupt AVI File

AVI is the most popular video file format to play movies on various devices. Many websites on internet save the movies in AVI file format as it is easy to download and has good image quality. However, in certain situations, you may observe that AVI movie is not syncing with sound, which means audio of a movie will be delayed or pushed forward than the video or vice versa.  Such AVI audio video out of sync issues can be permanently fixed with the help of Remo Repair AVI software.

Simple way to permanently fix late sound on AVI movies

By using Remo Repair AVI program, you will get to know how to fix late sound on movies within matter of minutes. This effective AVI video repair tool will easily fix desynchronized video and audio of any size in just few mouse clicks. This toolkit supports repairing of video footage recorded from various devices like digital camcorder, camera, smartphone and any other multimedia players.

Along with fixing AVI movies, it enables you to repair delayed sound on XVID and DIVX video files in a well-organized manner. The simple GUI of the application makes it easy to fix the damaged, corrupted or broken AVI video without the need of much technical knowledge. Using Remo Repair AVI, you can even repair AVI files stored on different storage devices such as pen drive, hard drive, FireWire, MMC, memory card and many more at your fingertips.

How to fix late sound on movies with Remo Repair AVI tool


You must download and install trial version of Remo Repair AVI tool on your Windows computer. Get the demo version of the software for free and start fixing your delayed sound on AVI video in just few easy steps:

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair AVI and select your AVI movie with delayed sound by using “Browse” option and click on “Repair” button

Browse the AVI video with delayed sound and hit Repair icon to fix late sound on movies

Step 2: The software automatically start fixing the selected AVI video which you can monitor via progress bar

View the status of repairing your AVI file

Step 3: After completion of repair process, click “Preview” button to view the repaired file description and select “Save” to store the fixed AVI file to your desired memory location

Click Preview to see the fixed file contents & select Save to store the repaired file to any accessible location


What are the reasons for sound delay in AVI movie?

  • When movie file is severely attacked by harmful viruses and malware threats
  • Trying to play an AVI movie on unsupported media player
  • Sudden termination of Windows computer while watching movie
  • Abrupt removal of storage device from PC while AVI video is playing from it

Whatsoever might be the reasons for late sound on movies of AVI file format, you can easily resolve the issue by using Remo Repair AVI utility. All your original movie file contents remain intact as the software just read the source file and creates the exact replica of original video file by separately fixing audio and video streams. Finally, tool adjoins them to provide a healthy playable AVI movie.


  • Make sure you play AVI movies on supported media player
  • Regularly scan AVI video with updated anti-virus tool
  • Backup important video files in external storage drive


  • Do not attempt to play AVI videos in incompatible players
  • Do not frequently convert AVI file format
  • Do not store AVI movies in infected storage devices