How Do I Open And Repair A Corrupt Word Document?

Is your Word document corrupt or damaged? Wondering how to fix a corrupted Word file? In this post we have some great tips to resolve Corrupted or damaged Word files using Remo Word Repair Software. It is a professional Word repair software that will help you repair .doc and .docx files without altering the original file. Try the tool for free now!


Sometimes, a Word file can be corrupted or damaged in such a way that Word can’t open it normally. But all is not lost, Microsoft Word 2003 and later versions including 2016 offers the Open and Repair feature which repairs your corrupted Word document and opens the file. Here is how to do it:

How To Open And Repair A Word File Manually?

1: Start Word.

2: On the File menu, click Open.

3: In the Open dialog box, click to select the DOC file that you want to open.

4: Click the down arrow next to Open button, then click Open and Repair.

Depending on the size of the Word file and the type of damage, the repair process can take some time.

Remo Repair Word tool- Safely Open And Repair Corrupt Word Files

If you are still unable to open your damaged Word documents, then make use of Remo Repair Word software to effectively repair your Word files in just few clicks. The Open and Repair option doesn’t work on severely corrupt Word documents or problematic files. Tool effectively repairs and opens your Word file by keeping all your data intact as it will never modify or change the original file.


How To Repair Corrupted Word Document

Click Download button to get the demo version of Remo Repair Word tool for free and install to your Windows computer. Start the software by double clicking on it and follow below explained steps to open and repair a word document:

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair Word, click “Browse” option to select your corrupt Word 2016 file and click on “Repair” button

Browse corrupt Word file and press Repair

Step 2: The software starts fixing the corruption issues in Word file which you can monitor by looking at the progress bar

See repairing progress

Step 3: After repair process is completed, it shows “File Repaired Successfully” message, then click on “Preview File” button to see repaired file

Preview repaired file

Step 4: Select storage path of your choice by using “Browse” option and click “Save” to save the repaired Word file to a specified location

Save repaired file


Most Recurring Reasons For Word File Corruption

  • Word documents easily get corrupt when attacked by deadly viruses or malware threats
  • Directly accessing Word files stored on external drive by connecting it to the computer
  • Frequently changing the Word file extension from one type to other i.e. called round tripping which may corrupt the file
  • Storing a Word documents in virus infected storage medium
  • Forcibly terminating the computer when Word file is still in read or write mode

All such corrupt or damage scenarios of Word file will be easily fixed by using Remo Repair Word tool with some easy steps. It offers simplified operating steps with powerful repairing mechanisms so that even inexperienced users easily solve severely corrupted files in couple of minutes.

How Do I Avoid Microsoft Word File Corruption?

  • Regularly update your anti-virus tool and scan to remove viruses from Word files
  • Always have a backup of important Word documents
  • Make sure you Exit MS Word application before shutting down the computer