How to Open Corrupted RAR Files?

Open Corrupted RAR files

RAR files are nothing but file compression method used to compress numerous files in a single file. It is the native format of WinRAR application.

Some of the key aspects of RAR files

  • It provides features like compression, password protection, encryption and so on
  • Large files can be transferred through internet without any issues
  • In order to save the memory space, backup data can be compressed

In spite of these fabulous features, RAR files get corrupted due to several reasons on Windows system like header file corruption, CRC error, improper download process and many more.

Let us discuss some of the scenarios that are responsible for RAR file corruption in detail.

Improper System Shut Down – While extracting or transferring RAR files, if there occurs sudden power failure due to which system turns off in between the process results in RAR file corruption

Virus Attack – When your Windows system is infected from harmful viruses, it will replicate itself and spread across the system including RAR files. Thus, RAR files available on Windows system will get corrupted by these viruses

Untrusted Third Party Tool –RAR files that are compressed using unreliable third party tools might get corrupted as a result in cannot be opened on any Windows system

Other Reasons – Usage of inaccurate WinRAR application, bad sectors on hard drive, interruptions during transfer process, power failure etc. are some other reasons that can corrupt RAR file

How to open corrupted RAR files using Remo Repair RAR?

Remo Repair RAR tool is one of the highly recommended application from software experts to mend corrupted RAR files on Windows system. This tool is free from all kinds of malware infections as it is embedded using cutting edge antivirus software. It is read only software that will not modify any of your unique information.

Added features of Remo Repair RAR to fix corrupted RAR files:

In order to repair corrupted RAR files, Remo Repair RAR is ideal utility that supports all latest versions of Windows operating system. This tool has built in strong repairing algorithms to perform repairing of corrupted RAR files at the earliest. RAR files facing CRC errors can also be repaired easily using this utility. It has the capacity to repair corrupted RAR files that exceeds the size more than 4GB. This software can be installed on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008 and Windows 2003 effortlessly. Demo version can be utilized by users to check the efficiency of software in prior purchasing it.

Safety Measures:

  • Make use of reliable antivirus software to avoid viruses that into Windows system knowingly or unknowingly
  • Always have a backup of important RAR files in other drives or external storage device
  • Maintain healthy power back by connecting your system to UPS whenever it is in use
  • Avoid interruptions during exchanging RAR files from one system to other or while downloading



Steps to mend corrupted RAR files:

Step 1: First, download Remo Repair software and install it to your Windows computer. Launch the software and follow the on screen procedure. Use “Browse” button to select your corrupt RAR file and initialize the repair process by clicking on “Repair” button.

fix corrupted rar files - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: You can view the repair process by looking at the progress bar.

Repairing Corrupted RAR Files - Repairing Progress

Figure B: Repairing Progress

Step 3: Allow the repair process to complete, and after completion the application shows all the files and folders from the corrupt RAR file.

Repair Corrupted RAR Files - Preview Repaired RAR File

Figure C: Preview Repaired RAR File

Step 4: Save the repaired files to your desired location using “Save” option.

Fix Corrupted RAR Files- Save Repaired RAR File

Figure D: Save Repaired RAR File