How to Fix CRC Failed Error in WinRAR File?

Updated on March 02, 2020

CRC failed error while extracting the WinRAR file indicates some data in your RAR file is damaged. Use REMO RAR Repair tool to fix the CRC failed error and extract all the contents of the RAR file. Download Remo Repair RAR software for free to fix CRC failed error in your RAR file in three quick steps!!!


Cyclic Redundancy Checks, in short called as CRC is used to confirm a file's integrity in WINRAR and WINZIP. Usually, we won't come to know whether the RAR file is complete and error-free untill we attempt to extract it. When we try to extract the downloaded RAR file, the downloaded file will be compared with the original CRC data, which produces an error if the information doesn't match. If the information doesn't match with the original CRC data, then we can't extract the file, and we encounter with the CRC failed error message.

If you encounter CRC error message while trying to extract the downloaded RAR file, then re-download it again, and the error might get disappear. Sometimes, this error could appear due to corrupt downloads, or interruptions during downloading the RAR file. In case, even after re-downloading the RAR file again, the same CRC failed error appears, then it's a serious issue. In such instances, you need to fix CRC failed error in WINRAR with some reliable third party RAR repair tool.

If you are a victim of "CRC failed error" while extracting your RAR file, then don't worry..! You can easily fix CRC error in RAR file and extract contents from the archive with Remo RAR Repair tool. Before going to know how to repair WINRAR CRC failed error, let's study in detail about the causes for the appearance of this error message, and try some manual methods to fix the issue. If none of the manual methods work out, then the last option that can successfully fix CRC failed error in WinRAR file is Remo RAR Repair tool.

Factors that are responsible for the occurence of CRC failed error in WinRAR:

Generally, WinRAR CRC error appears if unwanted bits get introduced to your archive data. i.e. when you try to extract the downloaded RAR file, it is compared with the original CRC data and if the data mismatches, WinRAR gives an error message. Downloading the RAR file from the unknown or spam resources, severe virus infection, incomplete download, header corruption, etc. are the major factors that are responsible for the occurrence of the CRC failed error message while trying to extract the RAR file.

Method 1: How to Fix CRC Error in RAR File with WINRAR application?

Open WinRAR, click on the File menu and open the RAR file which shows CRC error. Next, right-click on the RAR archive and select Extract to a specified folder option. Specify the location to save extracted files, enable "Keep Broken Files" option present under Miscellaneous. Save Settings and click on the OK button.

Now, the extracted RAR files will be saved to the specified folder.

This is the manual technique available in WinRAR, which allows you to bypass CRC error. And, this method may fail to fix CRC error in RAR file, if the archive is severely corrupted or damaged.

If the damaged RAR file is important for you, then download it again. Else, make use of a promising RAR repair software like Remo Repair RAR.

Method 2: Fix WinRAR CRC Failed Error with Remo Repair RAR Tool:

Remo Repair RAR should be your first choice in these kinds of situations; the tool rigorously scans your corrupt WinRAR file and repairs it effectively. It uses powerful algorithms to repair WinRAR CRC failed error displayed while extracting RAR files on devices like computers, cell phones, memory cards, pen drives and many others. In addition, the application supports fixing of password protected, encrypted and large-sized WinRAR files.

More to this, the tool repairs corrupt or inaccessible RAR after CRC error, virus infection, improper download, header corruption etc. Furthermore, the software is designed with an easy-to-use interface through which even a person with zero technical skills can repair the WinRAR file easily.


3 Steps to Fix CRC Failed Error in WinRAR:

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair software, click on the Browse button and select the RAR file that shows CRC failed error. Then, start the repair process by clicking on Repair button.

How to Repair WinRAR CRC Failed Error - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: After repairing the corrupt RAR archive, the tool displays all the files and folders present in the fixed RAR file.

How to Repair WinRAR CRC Failed Error - Preview Repaired File

Figure 2: Preview Repaired File

Step 3: Finally, Save the repaired RAR file in a safe location.

How to Repair WinRAR CRC Failed Error - Save Repaired File

Figure 3: Save Repaired File


Precautions to Avoid WinRAR CRC Failed Error:

  • Avoid interruptions during file transfer or extraction process
  • Keep the device which holds your vital RAR archives – virus free
  • Have a proper backup of your important RAR archives