How to Repair WinRAR Error Message?

Software to eliminate WinRAR errors

Many people around the world use WinRAR application to compress and save large files on computers. This technique helps users in many ways such as compressing files into RAR format that saves hard disk space. Users can easily transmit, upload, download and send files via internet and many others. However, WinRAR files have one major disadvantage i.e. due to its complicated compression technique WinRAR files tend to get corrupt and inaccessible.

A corrupt WinRAR file more often or not throws up various error messages while opening or extracting contents from a WinRAR file. In such circumstances, you need the help of Remo Repair software to fix WinRAR errors and view all the compressed files. Some of the most common error messages include, “CRC Error”, “The archive is either in unknown format or damaged”, “The file "???" header is corrupt”, “Unexpected end of archive”, etc. However as said before these error messages can easily be eliminated using Remo Repair software.

Remo Repair RAR APP

Remo Repair is a robust and all in one repair utility that helps users to repair and eliminate WinRAR error messages with ease. The tool uses powerful algorithm to rigorously scan and repair your corrupt, damaged, broken and inaccessible WinRAR file in a very easy and efficient way. The application supports fixing of WinRAR files stored on any storage media such as pen drive, computer, hard disk, cell phones, memory cards and many others. Adding to this, the tool repairs password protected, large sized and encrypted WinRAR file with ease. Furthermore, Remo Repair is compatible to run on all the latest version of Windows operating system.

Why Remo Repair is best for repairing WinRAR error message?

It is best to use Remo Repair application as it provides you many outstanding and eminent features which other repair utilities fail to provide, such as:

  • Remo is a read only utility which ensures no damage or modification is made to the original WinRAR archive while repair process
  • Supports fixing of RAR files created on all latest WinRAR archive versions such as WinRAR 2.90, WinRAR 3.50 WinRAR 3.70, WinRAR 3.80, WinRAR 3.90 and WinRAR 4.00
  • Robust application which fixes severely damaged, corrupt, broken and inaccessible WinRAR files in a couple of minutes
  • Available for free demo download using which you can check the performance of the software before purchasing the software
  • The software is free from any external threats like viruses, malwares or spywares

All these and many other outstanding features make Remo Repair the no 1 choice for all users with WinRAR corruption problem.


Learn how to use Remo Repair App to repair WinRAR error message:

Step 1: Download the demo version of Remo Repair software and install it to your personal Windows computer. Open the application and click on Browse option to choose your WinRAR file. After that, simply click Repair option to start the repair process.

How to Repair WinRAR Error Message - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Moniter the repair process by looking at the progress bar.

How to Repair WinRAR Error Message - Repairing Progress

Figure B: Repairing Progress

Step 3: You can preview the contents from the RAR file once the repair process is complete.

How to Repair WinRAR Error Message - Preview Repaired RAR File

Figure C: Preview Repaired RAR File

Step 4: If you are fully satisfied with the efficiency of repair process, then you can download the full edition of the software to save the repaired WinRAR file.

How to Repair WinRAR Error Message - Save Repaired RAR File

Figure D: Save Repaired RAR File