How to Solve CRC Error in WinRAR?

Learn How to Solve CRC Error in WinRAR?

“I have downloaded large size WinRAR archive from internet. When I tried to extract an error message displayed CRC error: The file which you are opening might be corrupted. I can’t afford to download huge size file once again. Now I am wondering how to solve CRC error in WinRAR? Can I be able to solve CRC error in WinRAR easily? Is there any tool to solve WinRAR CRC error?”

RAR is a file format use for transferring huge files and folders over the network by compressing them with help of various compression algorithms. In single file only many files can be compressed. But despite having advantages, CRC error can easily corrupt WinRAR archive and you will be unable to extract files from it.

What are the causes for CRC errors in WinRAR?

  • Improper Downloading: Due to improper downloading CRC error may get introduced in WinRAR. When you try to extract downloaded file, it will check for added code sum during compression. But due to improper transferring unwanted CRC code gets introduce causing CRC error in WinRAR.
  • Storage Drive Corruption: If your storage drive is corrupted in which you have saved WinRAR files then there are high chances for CRC code to get added causing WinRAR corruption. Due to which files are unable to extract.
  • Antivirus Tool: Sometimes, during antivirus scanning antivirus tool may add unwanted CRC code in WinRAR causing file corruption situations.

Why Remo Repair RAR Utility is the best tool to repair CRC Error in WinRAR?

Do not be tensed when you encounter a CRC error message while trying to extract WinRAR file. Make use of Remo Repair RAR Utility that will assist you in repairing CRC error easily. This tool does not modify the content of original files as it creates a totally new healthy Win RAR fie. It has the ability to repair RAR files corrupted or damaged due to any sort of scenarios. Apart from this it gives assurance of repairing completely without messing up things. Remo Repair products facilitate users with free demo version which is absolutely free and paid version which fits into ones budget. It supports repairing of file created using all versions of WinRAR application such as WinRAR 2.00, WinRAR 2.90, WinRAR 3.50, WinRAR 3.70, WinRAR 3.80, WinRAR 3.90, and WinRAR 4.00. Its unique features are

  • Ability to fix CRC error in WinRAR
  • supports repairing of  password protected RAR files
  • capability in fixing large size RAR files of 4 GB and more
  • Repaired RAR files can be saved in any accessible drive or storage drives
  • Compatible with all latest versions of Windows Operating System including the latest Windows 10, and it's earlier versions
  • Eye catching and easy to use interface
  • 24X 7 technical support is available for it's users to assist them

Preventive Measures:

  • Always install good antivirus and update it regularly
  • Compress RAR file using secure and reliable compression tool
  • Maintain backup of important files and folders to be in safer side during data loss situations.
  • Follow proper method for extracting WinRAR archive.


Procedure to Solve CRC Error in WinRAR:

Step 1: Download Remo Repair software and install it to your Windows computer / laptop. Run the installed software and follow the given procedures. Make use of “Browse” button to choose your incomplete RAR file which is to be repaired. Initialize the repair process by clicking on “Repair” button.

How to Solve CRC Error in WinRAR - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: You can monitor the repair process by looking at the progress bar

Solve CRC Error in WinRAR - Repairing Progress

Figure B: Repairing Progress

Step 3: Allow the repair process to complete, after repair completion the tool shows all the files and folders from your corrupt RAR file.

solve winrar crc error - Preview Repaired RAR File

Figure C: Preview Repaired RAR File

Step 4: Save the repaired WinRAR file to your desired destination location by using “Save” option.

repair crc error in winrar - Save Repaired RAR File

Figure D: Save Repaired RAR File