Easy Steps to Unzip Corrupted Zip Files

Download Remo Repair ZIP utility to learn how to unzip a corrupt Zip file in just 3 simple steps: Browse-Repair-Save the repaired Zip file to any accessible location.


Many Windows users experience the error message stating “The Compressed (zipped) folder is invalid or corrupted" while unzipping compressed files. In such situations, some of them think that the Zip files are permanently gone and a few start wondering how to unzip a corrupt Zip file to overcome from this disaster? If you are among those users who are currently searching for a way to repair corrupted Zip files, then you are at the right place. Easily and securely unzip corrupted Zip files by using Remo Repair ZIP tool.

Ultimate Zip file repair software to unzip a corrupted Zip file

The expert Zip file repairing tool from Remo istotally do-it-yourself utility because of its friendly GUI and safe to use nature, as it does not modify / damage original Zip file contents. To fix corrupt WinZip files, it will only extract data from source Zip file and create a replica of the actual Zip file. It then quickly fixes and unzips the corrupted or broken Zip files that cannot be accessed.

Remo Repair Zip program supports repairing of damaged or corrupt ZIP and ZIPX file formats on Windows PC. It also enable users to fix corrupt WinRAR files and WinZip files that are stored in various external devices like portable hard drive, flash card, USB drive, pen drive, etc.

How to unzip a corrupt Zip file with Remo Repair ZIP tool

To get the free trial version of Remo Repair Zip utility, you need to click Download Now button and install the software in your Windows computer. Follow the below mentioned steps to unzip a corrupted Zip file in just few clicks:


Step 1: Launch Remo Repair ZIP, select the corrupted Zip file by using “Browse” option and click on “Repair” button which will start repairing the corrupted Zip archive

Browse the corrupted Zip file and click on Repair button

Step 2: You can view and monitor unzipping of corrupted Zip file through progress bar

See the status of repairing the corrupted Zip file via progress bar

Step 3: Once the repair process has been completed by the software, click on “Preview” icon to see the list of files and folders from your repaired Zip archive

Click on Preview to see the fixed Zip file content

Step 4: Click “Save” to store the recovered Zip files in any particular storage location which you want on your Windows drive

You can Save repaired Zip file to any desired location


Remo Repair ZIP efficiently fixes corrupt ZIP files in all the following scenarios:

  • If Zip file is severely infected by viruses or external threats, then the compressed file may get corrupted and become inaccessible.
  • When a big sized Zip file is downloaded from Internet or transmitted over local network, the ZIP file may get broken and refuses to open.
  • Zip archive file may also get corrupt and becomes unreadable, if the header of Zip file is damaged due to any unknown reason.
  • Using third party tools to extract content from deleted or lost Zip archive also leads to file corruption.
  • Application crash while unzipping files from Zip may corrupt the file and make them inaccessible.

Other error messages you may encounter while unzipping corrupted Zip file:

  • Error opening a zip file: No such file or directory
  • Cannot open a ZIP file: Access denied
  • No files to extract
  • Cannot Open File abc.zip as an archive
  • Abc.zip : The archive is either in unknown format or damaged

With the help of Remo Repair ZIP software, you can effectively fix all such corrupted or damaged Zip files that shows error messages while extracting compressed data. Also, you are able to extract password protected Zip file that are not accessible due to corruption. By using Zip file repair tool from Remo, you can convert any corrupted Zip file into healthy file within matter of minutes.