PSD File Won’t Open in Photoshop

Find out how to fix a PSD file not opening in Photoshop

Is there a way to open my PSD file on Photoshop application? I was working on a design project using Adobe Photoshop application yesterday, when my PC turned off unexpectedly. I restarted my computer and found that the PSD file which I was working won’t open in Photoshop; I don’t know the reason behind this. I worked on the PSD file from last 15 days, I’m feeling very much depressed after encountering this situation. So, is there any way to open my Photoshop file?

Does this scenario sound familiar to you, all Photoshop users come across this kind of situation at some point or the other, after which their PSD file fails to open on Adobe application. This kind of problem is often due to damaged PSD file or PSD file corruption, however luckily such problems can be eliminated by relying on an efficient repair utility like Remo Repair application. By using this software one can easily overcome PSD file corruption and successfully open his / her PSD file on Photoshop. So now you must be thinking on how did your Photoshop file get corrupt? There are many reasons that may corrupt your Adobe Photoshop file and make it inaccessible. Few of the main events are explained below:

Main Reasons for PSD file corruption:

Photoshop Application Malfunction: Application failure or faulty application is among the main causes for Photoshop file corruption, this usually happens when your Adobe Photoshop application is not installed correctly on your system and PSD file created using such application results in PSD file corruption.

Improper System Termination: Improper system termination while creating or opening a PSD file also ends with PSD file corruption. Usually your computer turns off improperly due to sudden power surge or hardware failure.

Virus / Malware Infection: Adobe Photoshop files also get corrupt, if any dangerous virus or malwares infects onto the PSD file. Many a times even after installing powerful antiviral programs, many viruses infect the system and cause PSD file corruption.


Apart from the above discussed scenarios, there are many other scenarios which results in PSD file corruption and make it inaccessible. However, whatever may be reasons behind PSD corruption it can be easily fixed using Remo Repair application. This application offers many advanced and useful features through which one can easily repair and fix their inaccessible PSD file in just a matter of few minutes.

Brief explanation about the software:

Remo Repair PSD provides a very safe and secure way to overcome PSD file corruption. The software uses powerful algorithm to scan and mend your Adobe Photoshop file that is severely corrupt or damaged. The tool easily turns your broken or damaged PSD file and transforms it to a healthy one, the software is designed and developed in a very friendly user interface through which even a person with less technical skill can fix his PSD file. Adding to this, the software mends PSD file corruption saved on any storage media such as hard disk, USB drives, memory cards, pen drives, thumb drives and so on.

The software eliminates PSD error such as, “There was a problem reading the layer data. Read the composite data instead?”, “unexpected end of file”, “Could not complete your request because of a program error” and many others. This utility easily fixes PSD file created on any Adobe Photoshop version such as Photoshop 5.5, Photoshop 6.0, Photoshop 7, CS, CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6. Adding to this, the main advantage of using this utility is that the software supports repair of PSD file with different color modes like Gray-Scale, Bitmap, RGB color, CMYK, Duotone color, Indexed Color and many others. Furthermore the program is compatible to run on all the latest version of Windows and Mac OS X.


Procedure to fix PSD file with ease:

Step 1: First of all download Remo Repair PSD tool and install it to your system. Run the application and follow the instructions. Use “Browse” button to select your corrupt PSD file and after selection click on “Repair” button to start the PSD repair process.

Photoshop Cannot open PSD File - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: You can moniter the PSD repair process on screen.

PSD File Won’t Open in Photoshop - Repairing Progress

Figure 2: Repairing Progress

Step 3: As soon the PSD repair process gets completed, the application displays the fixed PSD file. You can also preview the repaired Photoshop file using “Preview” option.

Photoshop Not Opening PSD Files - Preview Repaired File

Figure 3: Preview Repaired File

Step 4: Mention the location where you want to save your repaired PSD file and click on "Save" button.

Unable to Open PSD File - Save Repaired PSD File

Figure 4: Save Repaired PSD File