Tool to Repair Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 after Corruption

PowerPoint files are prominently used to prepare presentations using images, text, symbolic representations etc. PowerPoint 2013 is one of the recent version that includes advanced features. Some of them are new graphics, images, videos, advanced tablets, formatting tools and many more. As it is utilized by most of the users across the world, there are plenty of scenarios that can corrupt PowerPoint 2013 in the same way.

Let us discuss some of the reasons that are responsible for PowerPoint 2013 corruption:

  • Virus Attack – This is one of the frequent threats for PowerPoint 2013 file corruption. These viruses get into Windows system through unsecured data, unknown website, infected devices etc.
  • Formation of Bad Sectors – If the storage drive where PowerPoint 2013 file is stored contains increased number of bad sectors then the file available in it including PPT gets corrupted
  • Inappropriateness of PowerPoint – Sometimes, when the latest version of Microsoft on Windows is not compatible with PowerPoint files then it may leads to corruption
  • Other Reasons – Abrupt system shut down, sudden power failure, installation of unauthorized third party utilities, software clashes etc. are other reasons that might corrupt PowerPoint 2013 files on Windows system

Such PowerPoint 2013 corruption scenarios can be solved using an inbuilt option called Open and Repair. Few simple steps that has to be carried out are: First open PowerPoint 2013 file on your Windows system. Then go to File and click on Open option and then select PowerPoint 203 file which is corrupted. Now, don't select Open option instead click on Open and Repair option. Even after this process, if the situation remains same then go to ideal utility called Remo Repair PowerPoint. This tool is highly recommended by software experts to repair PowerPoint 2013 at the earliest.

Why Remo Repair PowerPoint to fix PowerPoint 2013?

As mentioned above, Remo Repair is one of the non damaging read only tool that will not alter original content rather extracts and store in new document. This software can be installed on different versions of Windows operating system like Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and so on to perform PowerPoint 2013 repair within few easy steps. This tool can repair all versions of PowerPoint files and helps you to resolve error cannot play media in PowerPoint 2013 with simple steps. Technical team will be available for 24*7 to resolve issues that arises during repairing PowerPoint 2013, installation etc. Demo version is another feature using which efficiency of tool can be checked before purchasing it.

Important tips to remember:

  • To overcome corruption scenarios, it is best to preserve important PowerPoint files in any virus free storage device or drive
  • Always make use of good quality or advanced antivirus software to scan Windows system so that harmful viruses can be avoided to some extent
  • Interruptions like power failure, sudden system termination and so on should be avoided while accessing/transferring PPT’s
  • Maintain power backup by connecting your Mac system to UPS so that unpredicted scenarios can be kept far away



Steps to know How to Repair PowerPoint 2013 after Corruption:

Step 1: It is very easy to use Remo Repair software, just download the demo version of the application and install it to your Windows computer. Open the software. Browse to choose your corrupt PowerPoint file and click on “Repair” button.

How to Repair PowerPoint 2013  - Select PPT File

Image 1: Select PPT File

Step 2: The program scans your corrupt PPT file and starts the repair process. View PPT file repair process through progress window.

Repair PowerPoint 2013 - View Repair Process

Image 2: View Repair Process

Step 3: Once the repair process gets complete, the tool allows you to preview the repaired PPT file.

Repairing PowerPoint 2013 - Preview Repaired File

Image 3: Preview Repaired File

Step 4: At last, save the repaired PPT file to your desired destination location.

Fix PowerPoint 2013 - Save Repaired File

Image 4: Save Repaired File