Software to Repair Corrupt Outlook PST FIle

Remo Repair Outlook - A free and advanced PST Repair tool to repair corrupt and damaged Outlook PST file. The tool fixes the inaccessible PST file, and recovers deleted and lost emails, contacts, RSS Feeds, tasks, notes, Journals, and other items in a couple of clicks. Download and try now for free!!!


Outlook PST file which has all your Outlook attributes may get corrupted in one or the other way. You might have noticed that some of attributes are missing from your PST file or it doesn’t open at all. And sometimes even you get errors while trying to open it. These are the indication of PST file corruption.

Reason for PST File Corruption-

1. Outlook PST file reaching its maximum file storage limit

2. Power failure when PST file in use

3. Sharing of PST file on public computer networks

4. Malware or virus infection on PST file

5. Outlook up-gradation from one version to another

6. Improper system termination when Outlook in use

7. Server crash, network inconsistency, Outlook malfunction, bad sectors, OS reinstallation

Tools to Repair Corrupted PST Files-

Inbox Repair Tool-

Microsoft Outlook comes with inbuilt PST file repair utility. It helps to repair your PST file when severity of corruption is low. Steps to use Inbox Repair Tool-

  • Go to C drive (drive contains your application files)
  • Search for SCANPST and double click on that to open Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair window
  • Using Browse button, select the corrupted file which has to be fixed
  • Then, click on ‘Start’ button to start the scanning process
  • Allow the scanning process to complete, select the option, ‘Make a backup of the scanning file’ and last click the ‘Repair’ button

But, the problem with this tool is, it works on original file and repeatedly checks PST file for issues. This inbuilt repair tool has a very low success rate and leads to further problems. In such circumstances, you need to use powerful repair utility such as Remo Repair.

Remo Repair outlook-

Remo Repair Outlook helps to repair damaged PST file even though severity of corruption is high. The tool will help you to resolve any corruption problems associated with your PST file. It rigorously scans your severely corrupted PST file and retrieves all Outlook attributes such as emails, contacts, journals, notes, attachments, calendar items etc. The software ensures that no modification is made to your original PST file during the repair process, hence making it very safe and reliable to use. Moreover, Remo supports fixing of corrupt PST file created on any Outlook version and on all version of Windows operating system.


Tutorial to Fix Corrupted PST File-

Download Remo Outlook Repair software on your Windows computer and install it by following onscreen instructions. Run the software.

Step 1: When main screen appears,

  • click on “Open PST file” option to open PST file from the default location
  • Use “Select PST File Manually” option to search for the corrupted PST file when you know the location. Or use “Find All your PST Files” option to select a corrupted Outlook PST file if you don’t know the location

Repair Corrupt PST Files Software - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Choose the appropriate scanning method

Step 3: Browse for the destination path and click “Repair” to start the repair process.

Fix Corrupted PST Files - Choose Scanning Method

Figure B: Choose Scanning Method

Step 4: After completion of the repair process, you will be allowed to view the repaired Outlook mails and other elements like contacts, emails, notes, tasks, attachments, journals etc

Fix Corrupt PST File- Repaired PST File

Figure C: Repaired PST File