How to Repair Incomplete AVI File on Windows

Easy way to repair incomplete or partially downloaded AVI files by using Remo Repair AVI tool. Download free demo version of the software and get back playable AVI video files in just three simple steps.

How to Fix a Corrupt AVI File

The Audio Video Interleave (AVI) files become incomplete and hence, refuses to play in any media player. A missing .avi header is probably the reason for such unfinished AVI file. Generally, the AVI video consists of a header part in which the important details of movie clips will be stored. When this header gets damaged or corrupted due to any reasons, then you can’t play such video footage in your Windows player nor in any media player.  

When such situation arises, you cannot open your precious AVI files without fixing the video clip. To effectively repair incomplete AVI file on Windows, you need to download Remo Repair AVI tool. This is the only software that will fix the issue and even allow you to play incomplete AVI on Mac based system.

Here are some characteristics of Remo Repair AVI

Remo Repair AVI program is a simple AVI file repair that comes with great set of user interface which provides much comfort to the user to fix incomplete video clip on both Windows and Mac OS X. This application is designed in such a way that, since both technical and non-technical users will be able to operate it without putting much effort.

In addition to AVI file, the utility supports repairing of other video file formats including DIVX and XVID. The AVI video clips stored on various storage devices such as hard drives, USB devices, memory cards, flash drives, external hard disks, etc. will effortlessly be fixed by this wizard without any hindrances.


How to repair incomplete AVI file on Windows with Remo Repair AVI

You can get the free trial version of Remo Repair AVI to repair incomplete AVI file. It even allows you to have a glance on the repaired .avi file before buying the full licensed version. To get the software, click on Download Now button and follow below mentioned steps:

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair AVI tool. Select your incomplete AVI file that is to be fixed using “Browse” option and click on “Repair” button to begin the AVI file repair process

Browse incomplete AVI file and click Repair

Step 2: The software itself starts fixing the unfinished AVI file to make the video playable which you can monitor by looking at the progress bar

View the status of fixing AVI file through progress bar

Step 3: Once the tool repairs the AVI video file successfully, it will display the fixed video file description. Click “Preview” to view the repaired AVI video and hit on “Save” to save the movie clip to any desired memory location

Fixing Corrupt AVI File - Preview & Save repaired AVI file


When AVI video files become incomplete?

If any sort of interruptions occurs while downloading AVI video from internet, then those videos will be partially downloaded resulting in inaccessibility. Other common reasons for incomplete AVI files are:

  • Download error
  • CRC error
  • Application crash
  • Virus attack

How Remo Repair AVI application will be helpful?

Remo Repair AVI is a safe and easy-to-use utility for fixing AVI files. With aid of this tool, you can safely fix corrupted or damaged AVI files in the following cases:

  • Incompletely copied AVI videos from CD, DVD or other sources
  • AVI file that have not completely downloaded from internet
  • AVI video freezes while playing it
  • AVI file can’t be played
  • Video file can’t seek (fast forwarded)