How to Repair Outlook 2010 OST File?

Fix your Outlook 2010 OST after corruption

Offline Storage Table simply called as OST file, is a database file created by Microsoft Outlook application to store emails and other Outlook attributes. The OST file of MS Outlook 2010 application allows users to continue their work in case of zero or low network connectivity. For example, you can compose new emails, receive emails, open mails and perform many other tasks even if your Outlook 2010 application is not connected to internet. And whatever changes are made to the OST file will be automatically synchronized when application gets connected to Exchange Server.

Nevertheless, as nothing is immune in this world, users face many problems when their OST file gets corrupt / damaged. There are many reasons due to which an OST file turns corrupt and inaccessible and people usually get very much frustrated after encountering such problem. But nevertheless these corrupt / inaccessible OST files can be repaired. Wanna know how! Then read on to find out.

Reasons behind OST file corruption:

  • Virus and malware infection on Exchange database
  • Terminating the Outlook application abruptly
  • Keeping huge sized attachment in mailbox
  • Incomplete or improper synchronization process
  • OST file exceed to its maximum limit

There are two best ways through which you can fix your corrupt OST files, one is with the help of the inbuilt “Scanost.exe” tool and the other is by using third party reliable repair utility.

Fixing OST file using MS Outlook inbuilt tool:

Scanost.exe is a built in repair application through which you can scan and fix OST file. The procedure to use the application is given below

  • Close MS Outlook application before repair process
  • Open “Scanost.exe” by going to “C: \Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12.”
  • The tool asks you to Connect or Work Offline, click on Connect.
  • Then, choose “Repair Errors” checkbox to automatically resolve errors and finally click on “Begin Scan” button to start the repair process.

However, this tool fails to repair OST file in case of severe corruption / damage. In such cases you need to download and use reliable repair utility like Remo Repair to repair OST file created on Outlook 2010.

Repairing Outlook 2010 OST file using Remo Repair:

Remo Repair is among the finest repair utility through which you can fix your corrupt, damaged, inaccessible Outlook 2010 OST file. The main advantage of using this utility is that it automatically recovers all deleted emails, contacts, journals, notes, calendar entries, settings etc. while repairing your corrupt OST file. More to this, the application repairs password protected and encrypted Outlook data file (PST and OST). Furthermore, the tool can be easily installed on all major versions of Windows operating system including Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


Procedure to repair OST Outlook 2010:

Step1: Download and install the demo version of Remo Repair software. Run the installed software and choose from the three options, select “Open PST File” – if you know the location of the PST File, “Find PST File”. If the location is unknown and “Select Outlook Profile”, if you have more than one Outlook profiles.

Outlook 2010 OST File Repair - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Now select the scan type “Normal Scan” or “Smart Scan” and browse for the destination folder to save the repaired PST file.

Fixing OST File of Outlook 2010 - Choose Scanning Method

Figure B: Destination Locatition

Step 3: The software starts scanning and repairing the PST file. After which, a summary report is generated that shows the list of recovered Outlook attributes.

Repair Outlook 2010 OST File - Repaired PST File

Figure C: Repaired PST File