Solve Adobe Photoshop Error 16

Getting an Error 16 message while running Photoshop? No worries, Remo Repair PSD tool will help you to fix PSD file that is displaying error 16 message in just few clicks.

Adobe Photoshop Not Opening Images Fix

Photoshop users encounter error 16 while running Adobe Photoshop application, after which their PSD file refuses to open. If you are one among them who got an error 16, then here is the fix:

  • Navigate to This PC and select View tab.
  • In View tab, click on Options to open Folder Options window
  • Here you need to select View tab, then go to Advanced settings
  • And, uncheck Use Sharing Wizard (Recommended) option and click OK
  • Then. Go to Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\
  • Next, right-click on Adobe folder and select Properties
  • In the Attributes section, deselect Read-Only and click Apply followed by OK
  • Now, select Security tab, ensure that Administrators and System are listed and permissions for security are set to Full Control.
  • If not, hit Edit button. When User Account Control (UAC) elevation prompt appears, then accept it.
  • Do necessary changes and hit Advanced
  • From the Owner tab, press Edit button and when UAC elevation prompt appears, accept it
  • In the Change Owners Section, select Administrators
  • Choose the Replace Owner On Subcontainers and Objects option and hit Apply
  • Under Permissions tab, click Edit and agree the UAC elevation prompt if it appears.
  • Now, choose Replace Permission Entries On All Child Objects with Entries Shown Here That Apply to Child Objects and hit Ok
  • Press Yes until FLEXnet Properties dialog box gets closed

Now, launch your Adobe Photoshop. Still facing error 16 while opening PSD? Then, it must be a problem with Photoshop file. May be it is corrupted due to some irregularities. However luckily this problem can be eliminated by relying on Remo PSD Repair software. Using this application, one can easily fix corrupted Photoshop file to overcome error 16 and successfully open the PSD file on Adobe Photoshop.

Repair Corrupted Photoshop File using Remo PSD Repair Tool-

Remo Repair is an all in one repair utility that helps you in fixing corrupted Photoshop file that is showing error 16 in a very short amount of time. The tool uses highly advanced repair technique and provides eminent features, which makes it users’ no.1 choice. In addition, the tool supports fixing of Photoshop file created on all versions of Adobe Photoshop like 5.5, 6, 7, CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6.

Remo Repair easily repairs corrupt, damaged, inaccessible or broken PSD and PDD files. The best thing about the application is that the tool repairs PSD file along with its different color codes like Bitmap, gray scale, RGB, indexed color, CMYK, duotone, multichannel color, lab color etc. More to this, the tool even repairs RLE compressed, encrypted and large sized Photoshop file with depth of 1, 8, 16 and 32 bits per channel. Remo Repair utility easily turns your unusable Photoshop file into a healthy one in just few mouse clicks. Furthermore, it repairs Photoshop files saved on any storage media such as computer hard disk, USB drives, external hard drive, memory cards and so on.

Why Remo PSD Repair?

  • Simple 4 step repair process (Browse -->Repair -->Preview -->Save)
  • Fully automated repair wizard
  • Does not modify or alter the original PSD file
  • Free from deadly viruses or malwares
  • Trial version of the software is available
  • Compatible to run on both Windows (8, 7, Vista and XP) and Mac (Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion) operating systems

Guide to Repair Photoshop File which is Screening Error 16:

Step 1: Download Remo Repair PSD application on your system and install the same. Run the software and follow the main screen steps. Click on “Browse” button from the main window to select your corrupt PSD file and press “Repair” button as depicted in figure 1.

Repair Photoshop Error 16 - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: You can view the repair process through progress window as depicted in figure 2.

Repair Photoshop Error 16 - Repairing Progress

Figure 2: Repairing Progress

Step 3: As soon as the repair process gets over, you can preview the repaired Photoshop file using “Preview” option as depicted in figure 3.

Repair Photoshop Error 16 - Preview Repaired File

Figure 3: Preview Repaired File

Step 4: And at last save the repaired PSD file to your desired destination location by clicking on "Save" option as depicted in figure 4.

Repair Photoshop Error 16 - Save Repaired File

Figure 4: Save Repaired File