WinRAR Zip Archive Repair Tool

Quickly repair WinRAR Zip archive files with Remo Repair RAR software which are corrupted and showing error messages while extracting. Get the free trial version of Remo Repair and fix unreadable Zip files in just few clicks.


Zip is a popular archive file format that is used to store huge set of files in a single compressed file. Compressing files to .zip format will reduce the overall size of file and makes it possible to transfer files over the internet.

However, while compressing / extracting files on WinRAR application, there are possibilities of ZIP archive getting corrupted or damaged due to sudden termination of WinRAR during compression and decompression processes or malfunctioning of WinRAR. Also, if WinRAR utility is not installed properly and any errors occur while migrating from one version of WinRAR to other version may corrupt complete ZIP file and make the contents inaccessible. In such cases, make use of WinRAR Zip archive repair tool from Remo to repair WinRAR Zip archive within couple of minutes.

How to repair WinRAR Zip archive file using Remo Repair software

To get the free trial version of Remo Repair program, you must click on Download Now button. Install it to your Windows computer and easily run the application by following the step-by-step instructions mentioned below:

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair and click on “Browse” button to select the corrupt WinRAR Zip archive. Now, click “Repair” icon to initiate the repair process


Browse the corrupt WinRAR Zip file and hit on Repair button

Step 2: The software quickly scans and fixes the unreadable WinRAR Zip file which you can see by looking at the progress bar

View the status of repairing WinRAR Zip file through progress bar

Step 3: After scan, click on “Preview” to view all files and folders from the repaired WinRAR Zip archive.

Preview the repaired WinRAR Zip file

Step 4: At last, activate the licensed version of the software and “Save” your repaired WinRAR Zip files to any host accessible location of your choice

Click on Save button to store the repaired WinRAR Zip file


Prominent features of Remo WinRAR Zip archive Repair tool:

  • Repair all types of ZIP including ZIPX files which are corrupted or damaged because of any unknown reasons
  • Supports repairing of large size WinRAR Zipped files within few simple steps
  • It quickly resolve all errors that occurs while compressing / extracting zipped files including “WinRAR access denied extracting files” error
  • The corrupted RAR archive file repair process is easily accomplished with its fully automated and user friendly interface
  • It will neither modify nor damage the original WinRAR .zip file as it works in read-only mode to repair WinRAR Zip archive
  • Tool enables you to repair WinRAR Zip archive that contains different types of files such as pictures, videos, documents and so on
  • Avail the free service from professional technical support team of Remo whenever you are in need of help

Some instances that lead to corruption of WinRAR Zip archive:

  • If the header of .zip file is corrupted due to virus attack or malware, then you may encounter error message stating “WinRAR Zip archive failed” while extracting data from it
  • Sometimes, you may try to open Zip archive by giving wrong path that leads to corruption of zipped files
  • Using untrustworthy or unauthorized utilities for zipping the files may corrupt the WinRAR Zip archive and make all the Zip files unreadable

There are many other situations too that causes corruption of WinRAR Zip archive. Whatever might be the reason, the corrupt WinRAR Zip file will be repaired easily by using Remo Repair software. Moreover, Remo Repair helps you in repairing incomplete, highly encrypted and password protected Zip file WinRAR at an ease.