Zip File Repair Tool Windows 10

Windows 10 Zip file repair process will be easy and fast by using Remo Repair ZIP tool, which works proficiently in fixing Zipped files that are corrupted or broken on Windows 10/8/7 platforms. Try the trial version of the software for FREE!


You might have tried to open Zip files on Windows 10 computer, but unable to access it because Windows 10 operating system doesn’t recognize Zip file format and pops up error message on each attempt. This unusual behavior of Zip archive is due to corruption. In such case, make use of Remo Repair ZIP software to perform .zip file repair on Windows 10 and renders a healthy Zip file that can be extracted easily.

Remo Repair ZIP - A professional Windows 10 Zip file repair tool

Remo Repair ZIP program is an easy to use and safe to fix corrupt Zip files on Windows 10 PC without causing any damage to the original file. The application quickly repairs the corrupted Zip file structure and thus allows you to securely extract its content. No matter at what extent Zip archive is corrupted / damaged, you will be able to fix it with the help of this Zip file repair tool. Even, it enables you to repair .Zip folder that is broken or unreadable under any situations.

Steps to repair Zip file on Windows 10 with Remo Repair ZIP

Download and install Remo Repair ZIP software to your Windows desktop / laptop. Therefore, you can easily fix corrupt / damaged Zip file on Windows 10 by following the 4 simple steps:


Step 1: Launch Remo Repair ZIP and start with “Browse” to select your Zip file, then click on “Repair

Click Browse to select ZIP file and click Repair

Step 2: The software starts scanning the selected compressed Zip file which you can monitor by looking via progress bar

Monitor repair process

Step 3: After completion of repair, you can “Preview” the list of files and folders from the fixed Zip file

Preview repaired Zip file

Step 4: Choose the file and folder which you want to restore from Zipped archive, then “Browse” the destination path to “Save” your healthy Zip file

Browse destination location and click Save button


What else Remo Repair ZIP software offers?

Remo Repair ZIP is capable of repairing both ZIP and ZIPX file format on Windows 10 system. The software fixes highly encrypted and password protected Zip files at an ease. It allows you to repair broken Zip archive which are more than 5GB in size. Supports fixing of inaccessible Zip files that are created in WinZip or any other compression tool.

If your Zip file is corrupted because of CRC error, download error and extraction error, then Remo Repair ZIP is the perfect software to repair. Smoothly fixes Zip file stored on various storage devices such as hard drive, pen drive, memory card, FireWire drive, USB drive and more. The software is available in demo version which allows you to preview the repaired Zip folder and ensure yourself to examine the efficiency prior buying the licensed version.

Why you need Windows 10 Zip file repair software?

Zip files may get corrupted or damaged in situations like: after updating the Windows 10 OS or Windows 10 re-installation or upgrading of OS from lower version to Windows 10.  Apart from this, there are several other reasons that can corrupt your Zip folder on Windows 10 such as:

  • Severe malware / virus infection on Windows 10 hard drive might corrupt the Zip file stored or created on it
  • Possibilities of downloaded or newly created Zip file getting corrupted due to presence of too many bad sectors on Windows 10 computer
  • Any issue with header or file system could damage Zip file structure
  • Incomplete download, parity bit missing and recovery tool errors are other reasons for Zip file corruption

When you realize Zip file is corrupted and hence, you are not be able to open and extract contents from the ZIP file on Windows 10 system, then you must seek the help of Remo Repair ZIP program to fix and unzip files.