How to Fix Damaged Zip Files?

Zip file may get damaged due to numerous reasons, and when you try to open corrupt Zip file, you may come across different error messages like “Unable to extract Zip file”, “Cannot extract files from Zipped folder”, “Unable to expand .zip”, “No such file or directory”, etc. So, usually when you face these kind of errors, then it is obvious that, you will opt for a best software to repair corrupted Zip file. But to perform safe Zip file repair operation, you need to choose the reliable and highly recommended utility like Remo Repair Zip. This repair program is built with strong algorithms to effectively perform damaged Zip file repair operation. But, before getting complete details on how to fix damaged Zip files, let’s see some common reasons behind Zip file corruption.

How do Zip files get corrupted?

  • Incomplete Download: While downloading Zip file, if any interruption occur such as abrupt shutdown of system due to power failure or other reasons, unstable internet connection, etc., then the downloading process gets interrupted, and as a result of this, the data inside a Zip file becomes inaccessible.
  • File Extraction Error: Zip archive contains multiple files in compressed form. So, while extracting Zip file, if your system contains less disk space, then it may leads to Zip file corruption which in turn results in file extracting error. Also, using unreliable tool to unzip Zip archive may cause Zip file corruption due to which, you won’t be able to open or fetch info from it.
  • Virus Attack: If virus enters into your system, then it starts corrupting the files and creates replicate of the same, and once if your Zip file gets affected by virus, then its file structure may get damaged which in turn results in inaccessibility of its data.
  • Bad Sectors: The damaged or inaccessible storage space on system drive which fails to read data is called as bad sector. So, the Zip files stored on this damaged storage space also becomes inaccessible, and when you try to open inaccessible Zip files, you may face different error messages as mentioned above.

Zip file may also get corrupted due to other reasons like header corruption, power surge, damaged storage media, transfer error, incorrect compression technique, CRC error, software malfunction, changing file format and more. Anyhow, these causes can be prevented by taking some precautionary measures as follows;

  • Scan your system drive at regular time interval to get rid of viruses
  • Avoid downloading Zip files when there is continuous power fluctuation or unstable network connectivity
  • Use trustworthy application to unzip or extract Zip files
  • Make sure that your system contains sufficient disk space before extracting large Zip files

But, unfortunately even after following these safety measures, if your Zip file gets corrupted and becomes inaccessible, then you can try repairing corrupted Zip files using system utility. However, if Zip file is severely corrupted, then this method might not help you to fix broken Zip files. Consequently, you can use Remo Repair Zip application as it easily repairs a severely corrupted Zip files in an efficient manner.

Why Remo Repair Zip software?

Remo Repair Zip is a powerful utility which can repair all type of Zip and Zipx files. It has secure, easy and fast repair process for fixing broken Zip files. Using this excellent utility, you can repair a Zip file of size 4 GB or even more. It does not modify original file content as it performs read only operation. Taking the assistance of Remo Repair Zip, you can even fix a password protected and encrypted Zip archive. It has potential to repair damaged Zip files created using different apps like 7Zip, WinZip, etc. This corrupt Zip file repair tool also facilitates you to perform secure Zip repair operation of popular versions of Windows operating system such as Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and 2008. It is designed with simple wizard like interface using which, users can fix Zip files and folders in few simple clicks. Using Remo Repair Zip tool, you can even fix .zip file stored on different storage devices like hard disk drive, MMC, Pen drive, FireWire drive, USB flash drive, CF cards, etc. It also allows you to preview fixed Zip file content before restoration.


Steps to repair corrupted Zip file:

Step 1: Download and install Remo Repair Zip software on your desktop / laptop computer. Open the application, and follow the main screen procedures. Use "Browse" option to choose your corrupted Zip file which needs to be repaired. Initialize the repair process by clicking on "Repair" button.

Software to Repair Corrupted Zip File - Select Corrupted Zip File

Figure 1: Select Corrupted Zip File

Step 2: The software scans and repairs the corrupt Zip file, monitor the repair process in progress bar.

Corrupt Zip File Repair Tool - Repair Process

Figure 2: Repair Process

Step 3: After the completion of repair process, the tool display all the files and folders from fixed Zip file.

How to Fix Damaged Zip Files? - Preview Fixed Zip File

Figure 3: Preview Fixed Zip File

Step 4: At last, save the fixed Zip file to your desired location.

Damaged Zip File Repair - Save Repaired Zip File

Figure 4: Save Repaired Zip File