Simple Method to Fix Photoshop Unexpected End of File Error

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular software used for image processing like editing or creating Photoshop files and saves the files in .psd format. While you are working on Adobe Photoshop, suddenly your tool freezes due to any system error and when you restarts the Photoshop application it shows "unexpected end of file” error message, then the file will be inaccessible. The main reason of this error is, the Photoshop fails to save the header and footer information of the file. Here you can use Remo Repair PSD software in order to get rid of this problem. It will help you to fix Photoshop unexpected end of file error and will repair all corrupted Photoshop files on your Windows operating system.

Reasons for Photoshop unexpected end of file error

  • While working on Photoshop or when PSD file transfer process gets interrupted, due to unexpected system shutdown or suddenly your system got restarted due to some error, the PSD file will get damaged and when you try to open the file it shows “Could not complete your request due to unexpected end of file error was encountered”
  • If PSD file created on a new version of the Photoshop software is opened in an older version, sometimes causes end of file error.
  • While saving the .psd file on storage device having no enough space, you may get end of file error message.
  • Photoshop file may even get damaged due to some external threats like spyware/ malware/virus
  • Photoshop unexpected end of file error occurs due to incomplete installation of Adobe Photoshop application and accidental termination of the software while creating an Image.
  • Adobe Photoshop software malfunction and hardware crash also leads to Photoshop unexpected end of file error
  • When your Photoshop file download gets interrupted due to some network error and when you try to open the file, sometimes it will show unexpected end of file error.

What are significant features of Remo Repair PSD software

The software is designed to work in an easy way with friendly user interface, which fixes all the errors caused to a PSD file. It even repairs severely corrupt or inaccessible PSD and PDD files without altering the original content of the PSD file and gives the preview of the repaired Photoshop file before restoration.

It's main features are,

  • Supports repair of PSD files created in any Adobe Photoshop versions like Photoshop CS1, CS2, CS3,CS4, etc.
  • It repairs files with all its layers and color codes like Bitmap, RGB, gray scale, CMYK etc.
  • The software can easily fix RLE compressed Photoshop files and files with depth of 1, 8, 16 and 32 bits per channel
  • Remo Repair PSD software can recover damaged or corrupt Photoshop files from the external storage devices like USB flash drives, CDs, DVDs, Pen drives, Memory cards, SD cards, etc.
  • The software supports all versions of Windows Operating System such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and other earlier versions.

Precautions you can take for avoiding the error:

  • Save all the elements of the Photoshop file in one drive
  • Do not press reset during PSD file saving process
  • Do not close or reboot the system without saving the created PSD file
  • Check whether there is enough space before storing a Photoshop file and also check whether there is any bad sector present



Simple steps for fixing unexpected end of file error PSD:

Step 1: First of all download Remo Repair PSD application on your system and install the same. Run the software and follow the main screen steps. Click on “Browse” button from the main window to select your damaged Photoshop file and press “Repair” button to start with Photoshop unexpected end of file fix.

Fixing Photoshop End of File Error - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Through next window, you can moniter the file repairing process.

Fix Photoshop Unexpected End of File Error - Repairing Progress

Figure 2: Repairing Progress

Step 3: After the completion of file repair process, you will get a list of PSD files. Preview the repaired Photoshop file using “Preview” option.

Photoshop Unexpected End of File Error Fix - Preview Repaired File

Figure 3: Preview Repaired File

Step 4: At last save the repaired Photoshop file to your desired destination location by clicking on "Save" option.

Fixing Unexpected End of File Error PSD - Save Repaired File

Figure 4: Save Repaired File