How to Repair ZIP File Showing Unrecoverable File Read Error?

Zip file format is mainly used for compressing various files into a single file in order to reduce the overall size, which is mainly used for sending large size files over internet. Sometimes, when you try to open your ZIP files, it will not open and shows some error message like ‘unrecoverable Zip file read error‘. It is due to Zip file corruption and the data inside the Zip file becomes inaccessible. There are so many reasons behind this file corruption like header issues, CRC error, Unknown compression method etc. Once the file is corrupted, you cannot extract data from Zip without the help of a Zip file repair tool.  So, here you can use Remo Repair ZIP tool for repairing the inaccessible ZIP files and fixing the errors.

When Zip Files show Unrecoverable Zip File Read Error message?

  • When you are extracting Zip files to a drive that is not having enough space, then it may lead to corruption of Zip file and when you try to open such files, it will show ‘unrecoverable Zip file read’ error message.
  • When you are downloading a ZIP file from internet and the process gets interrupted due to some network error, the file will get corrupted.
  • If Zip file is not compressed properly, then you cannot extract data from it and you will get an error.
  • If the Zip file is on a removable disk and the disk gets physically damaged, then the file becomes broken and you may lose your valuable data from it. It will show error message when you try to open that broken file.
  • If you are extracting data from ZIP file using an unsupported software, sometimes error message comes.
  • If unexpected system shut down occurs while compressing files due to power surge, then it may cause damage to .zip file that leads to unrecoverable Zip file read error.
  • Unrecoverable .zip file read error message displays when the ZIP file is affected by some external threats like spyware / malware / virus.
  • Accidental changing the file extension of ZIP file makes the file inaccessible.
  • Incomplete copying of ZIP file from external devices like USB, Memory card etc also leads corruption of file and when you try to open those files ‘unrecoverable .zip file read error’ message is displayed.

Features of Remo Repair ZIP Software:

Remo Repair ZIP is the best repairing tool, which repairs and recovers your severely corrupt, inaccessible and broken ZIP files irrespective of its size. It efficiently fixes unrecoverable .zip file read error in a fast and efficient way. It instantly resolves all .zip file corruption issues. The software gives the preview of the recovered files before extraction. It comes with a trail version that helps you to access the software features before going for the actual purchase.

Other Features:

  • It can be used for fixing all types of Zip and Zipx files which is corrupted or damaged due to any reason.
  • It is capable of repairing large ZIP file, which is 4GB or more in size.
  • It can repair 32 bit and 64 bit .zip files
  • The software mends Zip files with CRC errors
  • It does not modify the .zip file contents while repairing process as it opens the file in read only mode.
  • You can run this program and fix ZIP file errors on all versions of Windows Operating System like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 etc.



Steps for Fixing Unrecoverable File Read Error:

Step 1: First download Remo Repair Zip software and install the application on your desktop / laptop PC. Then, run the software and select the corrupt Zip file by clcking “Browse” button. After selection, click on “Repair” option.

Fix Unrecoverable Read Error on Zip - Select Zip File

Figure 1: Select Zip File

Step 2: You can monitor the progress of ZIP file repair process on the progress bar

Fix Zip File that Shows Unrecoverable Read Error - Repair Process

Figure 2: Repair Process

Step 3: Once the fixing process is completed, you can view the contents of the Zip file before extraction.

Fix Unrecoverable Zip Archive Read Error - Preview Repaired File

Figure 3: Preview Repaired File

Step 4: Finally, you can save the fixed Zip files in any location using "Save" button.

Mend Unrecoverable Zip Read Error - Save Repaired File

Figure 4: Save Repaired File