4 Steps to Fix Zip File Error Windows Cannot Complete the Extraction

Powerful ZIP file repair tool from Remo makes it simple and easy for you to unzip error Windows cannot complete the extraction with simple steps. Free download Remo Repair ZIP demo edition and follow this tutorial to fix ZIP errors with ease now.


Can't extract your Zip files? Did this just happen to you?

Hi, need help for my problem! I am getting error“Windows cannot complete the extraction. The destination file could not be created.” while extracting the Zip file via Windows. What went wrong with my Zip file?  Is there any way to overcome from this problem? Thanks in advance.”

Well not to worry! Nothing has happened to the Zip file or data enclosed onto it. Windows has built-in support to create and extract Zip files. In certain situations, when you try to open a Zip archive, you might receive the above extraction error or other errors when Zip file is corrupted. Here you are highly recommended to use Remo Repair ZIP utility. It will help you fix Zip file error Windows cannot complete the extraction and easily extract Zip file that is corrupt on all versions of Windows OS including Windows 10 without any difficulty.

Why choose Remo Repair ZIP tool to fix Windows cannot complete the extraction Zip file?

Remo Repair ZIP program is known for the efficiency with which it fixes Zip files with extraction error. It facilitates advanced algorithms to repair “Windows cannot complete the extraction” error in least possible time.  Here you may find more information about what Remo Repair ZIP application can do:

  • Repair 32 bit and 64 bit of both ZIP / ZIPX files
  • Fix large size Zip archives of size more than 4GB or more
  • Repair corrupt or damaged Zip files that are stored on hard disk drives, memory cards, USB drives and other storage media
  • Repairs broken or inaccessible Zip files as a result of virus or Trojan infection
  • Recovered Zip file contents can be stored on any host accessible location

However, you have encounter error Windows cannot complete the extraction, you can follow next steps and let this software help you in repairing Zip file errors now to extract the archive contents.


Tutorial: 4 steps to unzip error Windows cannot complete the extraction

To fix zip file error Windows cannot complete the extraction, you need to apply Remo Repair ZIP tool free edition. Click Download button and install the software to your Windows computer for repairing Zip file errors within 4 steps now:

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair ZIP and select Zip file prompting error Windows cannot complete the extraction using “Browse” option, then click on “Repair” button

Browse corrupted Zip file and click Repair

Step 2: Software scans the selected Zip file thoroughly and fix all the issues which you can monitor by looking at the progress bar

View ZIP repair process

Step 3: Once the Zip file repair is completed, you can “Preview” the list of files and folders available in the repaired Zip archive

Preview repaired ZIP file

Step 4: Click on “Browse” button to select the destination location of your choice, then click “Save” button to store those repaired zipped files

Save repaired ZIP file


Check out the common scenarios responsible for Zip file errors:

Generally, there are numerous reasons that might corrupt the Zip file which leads to prompt various Zip file errors such as “Windows cannot complete the extraction. The compressed folder is invalid.” Or “Windows cannot complete the extraction. The destination file could not be created.”

For instance, severe malware or virus infection to the Zip file, interruptions while transferring Zip archives, improperly compressing the Zip file and many more. All such things could damage your Zip file and as a result you may receive error messages while extracting corrupt or damaged Zip file.

No matter how your Zip file got corrupted and how severe it is, you can easily fix Zip file errors prompting corrupted .zip file using Remo Repair ZIP tool. It provides user friendly interface so that every individual will fix the Zip file errors without any technical assistance. Even, if you find any difficulties while installing or repairing the Zip file, 24/7 technical support team is available for free.