3 Steps to Fix Video Clip That is Not Playing in Windows Movie Maker

Remo Repair AVI tool will easily fix video clip that is not playing in Windows Movie Maker in just a few simple steps- Browse->Repair->Preview->Save.

Windows Movie Maker Video Not Playing

Windows Movie Maker is an inbuilt movie-editing software, comes with Windows OS. It facilitates you to create and edit videos; as well as permits you to publish them on various social networking sites.

But, this tool crashes suddenly and results in various issues. And, the video clip is not playing in Windows Movie Maker is the most common problem faced by several users. So, let's know causes behind this glitch.

Why Windows Movie Maker Won’t Play Video?

  • Incompatibility: The most common reason why your Windows Movie Maker won’t play videos is incompatibility. This issue arises when you have your video files saved in a format that is not supported by the version of your Windows Movie Maker
  • Improper Installation: Improper installation of WMM is one of the biggest cause for video clip not playing in Windows Movie Maker. Many users never take it seriously and fail to read the instructions before/while installing the application.

How to Fix Windows Movie Maker Video Not Playing Issue?

Before knowing how to troubleshoot this problem, first, verify below factors.

1. Check the System Compatibility: Run Compatibility troubleshooter to check the compatibility of your PC.

2. WMM Drivers Are Up-to-Date: Windows Movie Maker needs updated drivers to play the videos properly. If the drivers are not updated, you can either install them manually or you can download them online.

Once both these parameters are checked and still if, the Windows Movie Maker won’t play video, then try below fixes.

Fix 1: Modify Properties

  • Select Windows Movie Maker application
  • Right click on it
  • Go to Properties and choose Compatibility
  • Under Run this program in compatibility mode for option, select your OS
  • Disable all checkboxes located under Settings
  • Apply the changes

Fix 2: Change Graphics

  • Right click on your desktop
  • Select Graphics Properties
  • Click on Preferences button located at top right side
  • Opt Advanced View from the list
  • Choose Power option from the left side list
  • Click on Switchable Graphics Method option
  • Enable Select the graphics processor manually
  • Apply the change and hit Change button in pop-up
  • Close Catalyst Control Center window

Fix 3: Repair Your Unplayable videos

To fix video not playing video, follow these steps:


Step 1: Install and launch Remo Repair AVI and click on Browse. Select the video that is not playing in Windows Movie Maker, then hit the Repair button.

Browse video file that do not play by WMM and click Repair

Step 2: Tool automatically starts fixing the issues in the selected video, which you can see in the progress bar.

View status of repairing process

Step 3: After completion of the video repair process, play and verify the repaired video by clicking on Preview option and Save the fixed Windows Movie Maker video in any location of your choice.

Preview & Save repaired AVI video file


Why Remo Repair AVI to Fix Unplayable Windows Movie Maker Video?

Remo Repair AVI tool can fix your unplayable Windows Movie Maker video file in just a few simple steps and play them without any trouble. This is an advanced video repair tool to securely fix Windows Movie Maker video not playing on all versions of Windows PC. It enables you to repair AVI, DIVX and XVID videos, which is not playing in Windows Movie Maker. You can’t predict the situations that make your video files unrecognized in WMM but this utility can easily solve Windows Movie Maker not recognizing AVI files issue in just a few clicks. Moreover, it gives an option to preview the portion of the repaired video before buying the licensed version. The software is 100% error-free so, go ahead and download the demo version of the software at free of cost to make your video playable again without any second thought.

Remarkable Features of Remo Repair AVI tool:

  • Comes handy to repair AVI, DIVX and XVID video files that are severely corrupted, damaged or broken
  • Repairs inaccessible video files that are stored on various storage devices including internal/external hard disk, USB drive, memory card, pen drive and more
  • Repaired video file can be played on both Windows and Mac OS X players
  • Provides 24x7 technical support for solving any problems regarding the software or fixation process