How to Solve Microsoft Word Has Stopped Working Error?

Does your MS Word program show “Microsoft Word Stopped Working” error message and stop responding all of a sudden? Here is how to solve the errors – a Do It Yourself guide to fix Microsoft Word Stopped Working error. Or, simply let Remo Repair Word do the job for you.

Microsoft Word Stopped Responding Error Fix

Microsoft Word Stopped Working!

“I got Microsoft Office 2016 on my Windows 10 PC recently. Everything was working fine until I get “Microsoft Word has stopped working” error. When I open the Word program, I receive “Microsoft Word has stopped working” error message along with 2 options 1) check online repair 2) close the program. This error is preventing me from accessing the Word program. How to fix it?"

There are many reasons responsible for the Microsoft Word stopped working error including incompatible Word program, add-ins, outdated drivers etc. And, you cannot open a Word file until you fix this Word has stopped working issue.

How to Fix Microsoft Word Stopped Working Error?

Step 1: Repair Office: Open Control Panel, click on Programs and Features. Find your Microsoft Office program and select it. Click on Change button and select Repair. Complete the repair process.

Step 2: Remove/update old driver software present on your Windows computer. If you are receiving Microsoft Word has stopped working error message after installing any programs or plug-in then, uninstall that recently installed plugin or software. Also, download and install the latest updates for the version of Microsoft Office you are running.

Step 3: Press Windows and R keys at a time. Type winword /safe and hit OK to open Word program in Safe mode. Go to File menu, select Options/Word Options. Click on Add-Ins. Start Word application in normal mode after disabling each add-in. Finally, remove the faulty add-in responsible for the Word has stopped working error.

Step 4: If none of the above fixes helped you in fixing Microsoft Word stopped working problem then uninstall Microsoft Office programs completely and do a fresh MS office installation.


Sometimes, you may see Microsoft Word has stopped working error message when opening specific Word files especially when the Word documents are damaged or broken due to virus attack, truncation, improper handling etc.

So, when your Word document stopped working, you can try to fix it with Open and Repair Word, an inbuilt fix offered by MS Word.

Here are steps to fix corrupt Word file using Word application.

1. Start the MS Word application, from File menu, click on Open button.

2. In the Open dialog box, select the Word file to be repaired.

3. Click on the drop-down menu on the Open button and select Open and Repair option.

In some exceptional situations, the above method won’t help if the Word file is severely damaged or corrupted. Thus, you need to rely on professional word repair tools like Remo Repair Word to fix the corrupted Word file.

Fix Microsoft Word Document Stopped Working with Remo Repair:

This Word repair utility is recommended for its efficiency and easy-to-use interface, so you can use it when you cannot open corrupt MS Word 2010, Word 2013, 2016 or any other versions in just 3 simple steps.

Remo Repair Word is one of the most efficient software for repairing both DOC/DOCX files that have been corrupted and not working properly. It is a non-destructive utility that will never modify your original file properties or contents, it just extracts data from the corrupted Word file and creates a new healthy file.


Steps to Repair Microsoft Word Document that Stopped Working:

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair Word, click on Browse button, select the corrupt Word file and click Repair.

Repair Word - Main Screen

Step 2: The software automatically starts repairing your corrupt Word document and allows you to Preview File.

Repair Word- Preview Repaired File

Step 2: Save the repaired Word file in a new location.

Repair Word- Save Repaired File