Fix XVID Codec Error

Efficient Tool to XVID Codec Error Fix

“Hello everyone…!!! There was seminar conducted by our college to help final year students to excel in their projects. During that time, I had taken one of the vital video of XVID file format from professor that contains important data required for the project. After which I transferred it to my Windows system so that it can be utilized whenever required. Recently, when I tried to open that particular XVID file, receiving a message called codec error due to which I am unable to open. Since, it has a vital role in my project at any cost I should bring back to its original format. Can anyone suggest me potent tool to do XVID codec error fix in less time?”

Absolutely yes, you are in the right place to get more knowledgeable information about how to fix XVID codec error. XVID is one of the emerging video file format that utilizes AVI file format. This video file format contains separate data streams for both audio as well video formats. It is gaining popularity among users because of its high quality video and contains advanced features. However, as discussed above at times you might get error messages which are indication for corruption due to which XVID files cannot be opened on your Mac system. Let us discuss some of the common scenarios for XVID file corruption:

  • Virus Attack – This is one of the common reason for XVID file corruption. Usually, viruses get transferred to XVID files all the way through internet, infected devices, unsecured data etc. and self replicates to spread across as result corruption takes place
  • Unsupported Media Players – When you play XVID files on any incompatible players, there occurs mismatch in codec values and leads to corruption
  • XVID Header Corruption – If the header of XVID file gets corrupted due to power loss, sudden system termination, inappropriate termination etc. then XVID files present in it gets corrupted
  • Incomplete Download Process – While downloading XVID files, if the process is interrupted due to low network connectivity, power failure, software clashes and so on XVID file gets corrupted

When go through this kind of situations, you might think how to get rid of such corruption scenarios to play XVID files successfully. To do so utilize ideal tool called Remo Repair AVI for fixing XVID codec error in less time.

More about Remo Repair AVI…..!!!!

Remo Repair AVI is one of the potent tool that can be utilized to fix XVID codec error within few easy steps. It has well equipped powerful scanning algorithms to overcome all kind of corruption scenarios to repair XVID file. This software is well-suited with all the versions of Windows operating system like Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008, Windows 2003…to repair XVID codec error. In order to resolve any kind of issues that arises during establishment, repairing process technical team will be there for 24*7.

Safety Measures:

  • Do not play XVID files on incompatible media players
  • Preserve a backup of vital XVID files in virus free storage devices
  • Scan your Windows system utilizing advanced antivirus software



Steps to XVID Codec Error Fix:

Step 1: Download the trial version of Remo Repair software and install it to your Mac or Windows computer. Run the software and browse for the location where your corrupt video file is stored. After selection, click on “Repair” button to start the repair process.

XVID Codec Error Fix - Main Window

Image 1: Main Window

Step 2: The repair progress can be monitored using the progress bar.

 Fix XVID Codec Error - Repairing Progress

Image 2: Repairing Progress

Step 3: Once the repair process finishes, you can preview the repaired video file.

Fixing XVID Codec Error  - Preview Repaired File

Figure C: Preview Repaired File

Step 4: And if you are happy with the outcome then you can buy the full version of the utility to save the repaired video clip.

How to Fix XVID Codec Error  - Save Repaired File

Figure D: Save Repaired File