Repair ZIP File Bigger than 4GB

Fix ZIP File Over 4GB

“I downloaded a very large ZIP archive of size more than 4GB. It almost took me 3 full hours to complete the download process. After successful download, I moved the ZIP file from my laptop to USB drive and during the transfer process my Windows laptop terminated improperly, which resulted in transfer error. I restarted the computer and find out that the downloaded ZIP file is severely corrupt. I don’t have the time or patience to re-download the ZIP file again and are searching for a way to repair that large sized ZIP archive”

ZIP is a very well known file compression technique often utilized by users to compress one or more files on a computer. There are many advantages of a ZIP file formats like it saves memory space, uploading, sharing and downloading files is easier with ZIP files and many others. Nevertheless, due to its complexity and wide usage, ZIP files tend to get corrupt more frequently. Some of the most common reasons for ZIP file corruption are:

  • Interruption while downloading ZIP files result in broken download
  • Malware infection on ZIP files
  • Bad sectors on storage media where ZIP files are stored
  • ZIP file corruption due to recovery tool
  • Electrostatic power surge while extracting contents from ZIP file
  • Improper system termination while transferring ZIP archives

Don’t worry, if you have encountered the above mentioned scenario and lost access to the contents of your ZIP file. In such circumstances, you can make use of repair utility such as Remo Repair to fix and access your corrupt ZIP file.

Remo Zip Repair Tool

Remo Repair is a top rated and a reputed ZIP repair utility with the help of which you can fix large size Zip files that are unable to open. This tool uses powerful algorithm to easily mend corrupt, damaged, broken or inaccessible ZIP files in just few mouse clicks. Moreover, the application works on read only mode which ensures no modification or changes is made to the original ZIP file during repair process.

Basic Features

  • Repairs ZIP files stored on any storage media such as hard disk, pen drives, thumb drives, external hard disk, cell phones, etc
  • Fixes both ZIP and ZIPX file types
  • Compatible to run on all the latest Windows operating system including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP


Procedure to Repair Large ZIP Files:

Step 1: Download and install ZIP Repair software to your desktop / laptop -> Open the application and follow the main screen procedures. Make use of “Browse” button to choose your corrupt ZIP file, which you want to repair. Initialize the repair process by clicking on “Repair" button.

Figure 1: Select Zip File

Step 2: The tool scans and fixes the corrupt ZIP file. Monitor the repair process in progress bar.

Figure 2: Repair Process

Step 3: After completion of the repair process, the tool displays all the files and folders from the corrupt ZIP file.

Figure 3: Preview Repaired File

Step 4: Finally save the file to your desired location by clicking on “Save” button.

Figure 4: Save Repaired File