Compare 7 Zip vs PeaZip

7 Zip and PeaZip both are free and open source applications, used to compress one or more files into a single archive as well as to uncompress compressed files. But, there are some differences between them in terms of appearance, usability, stability, speed, etc.


7 Zip


User Interface

 Less attractive
 More attractive – It has more advanced icons and few more lines with trending graphs


 Loads faster compared to PeaZip
 Takes time to generate an archive


 Supports only two types of encryption format
 Provides higher level of encryption

Compression Ratio

 Shows ratio between compressed and uncompressed file
 It doesn’t display the ratio

Extraction format

 It supports extraction of 24 types of archives
 150 types of archives can be extracted

PeaZip and 7-Zip applications have only a few differences wherein many of the features are same. But, both applications don’t help to repair damaged archive. You need to use Remo Repair ZIP software to fix damaged achieve. The tool can also be used to fix many issues like 7 ZIP access denied, cannot open a file, etc.