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QuickTime error 2048 occurs when you try to play a corrupt MOV video file. However, one can easily fix the error 2048 in QuickTime video files by utilizing Free Remo Repair MOV tool. Get the free software now, and start fixing your corrupt Quicktime file in few clicks. Try now!!!


How to Fix Error 2048 QuickTime MOV


QuickTime Error 2048 Couldn’t Open the File because It is Not a File That QuickTime Understands


Generally, error 2048 couldn’t open the file QuickTime understands or error 2048 couldn’t open the file because it is not a files that QuickTime understands appears when playing MOV video due to several reasons like,

  • Virus infection on the MOV file
  • File system or firmware of the device where MOV file stored is corrupt or faulty
  • Corruption in MOV file header
  • Unavailability/improper codec used to play MOV video
  • Faulty installation of QuickTime player
  • Improper download/recovery of MOV video files
  • Interruptions while converting MOV file
  • Error message or interruptions while transferring MOV file
  • Corrupted MOV video files etc.


How to Fix Error 2048 QuickTime MOV File?

Step 1: Run an antivirus scan on your computer where you are trying to play MOV file.

Step 2: Install the latest version of the required drivers on your system. Also try installing latest QuickTime player. If you are trying to play the MOV file on your smartphone, then update the applications on it to fix QuickTime error 2048.

Step 3: Convert the MOV File using VLC Media Player

Try these steps on a copy of your MOV file which is showing error 2048.

  • Open VLC player, select Media and click on Convert/Save button
  • Go to Open Media, Add the MOV file and click on Convert or Save
  • In the Settings window, select Convert option and provide the destination file name and location. Finally, hit the Start button

However, even after trying above solutions, if you are still stuck with the same error 2048 Couldn’t Open the File error message, then it seems the MOV file is corrupted. And, it is highly recommended to use a powerful third-party repair utility for recovering corrupt QuickTime files that are exhibiting 2048 error.

Use Remo MOV Repair Software Tool To Repair Corrupted MOV File:

Remo Repair is specially designed to repair error 2048 from QuickTime MOV files; the tool supports to repair damaged MP4 and MOV video file formats in a very short amount of time. Addition to this, the software is compatible to run on both Windows and Mac OS to fix MOV file. Furthermore, the tool is available for free download using which you can complete repair process and check the efficiency of the utility before purchase.