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IMAP synchronization issues in Microsoft Outlook 2016 / 2013 comes when some update or plug-in installed in the Outlook application. This issue with Outlook might create a serious problems in the use of email client which further make you unable to receive new mail or access the data from MS Outlook.

Some common causes behind IMAP sync issues

  • Abrupt termination of Outlook application
  • Internet connection break down while sending/receiving emails in Outlook application
  • Improper upgradation of Outlook from lower version to higher version
  • Software malfunctioning, virus attack, server crash, etc. are some other reasons that can cause IMAP sync issues

After getting IMAP sync issues, you will not be able to access the IMAP folders and also fail to download email messages from the IMAP server. Hence, the error should be fixed as early as possible and there are many ways to resolve the issue.

How do I fix Outlook IMAP sync issues?

To resolve IMAP sync issue, you need to uninstall all the updates that are automatically done by Microsoft. Use simple manual steps mentioned below to remove the updates.

1. Go to Start Menu or Windows button and select Control Panel

2. Find Programs and Features option in the list

3. In the opened window, choose the update KB2837643 or KB2837618 recently installed and hit uninstall icon to remove it

Alternative method to troubleshoot Outlook IMAP sync issues

Here’s a secondary method to fix the IMAP sync issues i.e. you need to change the path of the root folder. To do this, follow the below explained steps:

1. Launch Outlook 2013 and navigate to File tab

2. Select Account Settings icon

3. In the Account Settings opened window, choose Change option

4. Go to More Settings, then Advanced and choose Folders option

5. Find Root Folder Path and change the path

6. Click Save to confirm the changes and in order to check send/receive option is working press F9 key

After following the aforementioned steps, if you still face IMAP sync issue, then you are recommended to use Remo Repair PST tool. Visit the link provided- in order to fix Outlook IMAP sync error without getting any other issue.