Solved Choppy Streaming Video Windows 10

You may lose interest in watching videos if they are slow and choppy streaming videos. Many users have reported that they have encountered slow and choppy streaming videos while using a service like YouTube and Vimeo especially after upgrading to Windows 10. For instance, full screen won’t work on YouTube or the video might get stuck or the video is choppy and sound is out of sync.

What is Streaming Video?

Streaming video is a media content that can be viewed even before the file has been fully transmitted to your computer. This allows users to watch videos on their system before they download the file.

Causes for Slow and Choppy Streaming Video:

At the same time, multiple users can access streaming video because of a multicast feature of the server on which the video is hosted. When you try to view a streaming video, first parts of the video are buffered and then you will be able to watch it. And, this buffering course is the main cause for choppy playback.

Fix Slow Choppy Streaming Video On Your Own:

Method #1: Install Recent Windows Update

The first step is to check all the available Windows Updates and install them.

Method #2: Clear Browser Cache

Clear all the temp files, cookies, and cache. Sometimes these files can mess up the browser working. After all these files are cleared, you can open the browser and try again.

Method #3: Update Display Drivers

But, if the slow video streaming issue still continues, then try updating the Display driver. Here are the steps to do:

1. Hold Windows + R keys to go to RUN window

2. In the Run command box, type devmgmt.msc and click Enter key

3. Expand the Display Adapter category, right-click your graphics card and choose Update Driver Software option

Method #4: Update Media Players

Update your QuickTime player, Adobe Flash player, DivX Web Players, etc. These are the common application used for streaming videos. If one of this players are out-of-date or corrupted, then you might get issues in streaming videos. To fix the issue, find the new version of the player and download the appropriate application.

Method #5: Disable Hardware Acceleration

Many times, the flash videos like YouTube face rendering problems with Hardware acceleration. In such case, you need to disable Hardware acceleration and restart the browser. Here are the instructions to disable Hardware acceleration:

  • Right click on the flash video file you are watching
  • Click on Settings option (Not Global Settings)
  • Click First icon and uncheck Enable hardware acceleration box

Method #6: Opt Video Repair Software to Fix Slow Choppy Streaming Video

If you have a habit of watching movies and listening music online, you might have experienced the slow streaming issue. There are several ways where you can download these videos as offline files and view anytime on your PC. You can have a similar problem with such video files due to improper download or missing of streams files. No need to bother, as you can easily fix choppy recorded video on Mac / Windows by using Remo Repair AVI software.