How Can I Tell If My Outlook File is corrupted

By default, PST file is used for storing all Outlook data such as mailbox files, contacts, email folders or any other personal data related to Outlook. Sometimes, the PST file might get corrupted and your entire data may become unreadable. However, the Outlook file (PST) shows some symptoms of corruption before it becomes inaccessible. It is always better look for signs and take quick action to repair damaged Outlook data file before losing access to your valuable data.

Let’s have a look at few common symptoms of a corrupt PST file

The first visible symptom of PST file corruption is that the Outlook becomes extremely slow and it takes much longer time to complete the task. This causes sending or receiving of emails in Outlook sluggish.

Another symptom is the display of error messages during the usage of the Outlook. It pops up various messages like “The Outlook data file did not close properly Cannot open your default e-mail folders. The information store could not be opened” and so on.

Whenever you notice the Outlook is being extremely slow or just showing errors while opening your Outlook, then it is a clear indication that your PST file is in a corrupt state. Since, the PST file corruption can happen for several reasons, you may have to try a couple of methods listed below to fix the issue.

  • Check the PST file size, if it exceeds the fixed limit, then try to reduce the size
  • Update the Desktop Manager to the latest version of if it is damaged, then re-install the latest Desktop Manager
  • Fix the corrupted PST file by using Inbox Repair tool scanpst.exe

How to use the Inbox Repair tool to repair corrupted PST file?

Exit Microsoft Outlook and run the Inbox Repair tool as this utility does not require Outlook files in the background.

1. Locate the scanpst.exe file and double click it to start the repair process

2. Click on Browse button to select the PST file that need to be fixed

3. Click Start icon to initiate the repair process

4. To resolve the issues in the selected file, hit Repair

5. After repair process is done, a new window will pop up, click OK to finish

What if the Inbox Repair tool doesn’t fix damaged PST file?

If the scanpst.exe is giving you an error to restore Outlook file (.pst) or if you are still unable to start Outlook, then make use of Remo Repair Outlook software and restore all your Outlook data.

The way REMO works is safe because it creates a new Outlook data file and copy all the content from the damaged PST file. It scans the .pst file and fixes all the issues to retrieve all Outlook data.

Note that Remo Repair Outlook program is available in free trial version which will show you a preview of the recovered files from the damaged PST file.