Fix Audio Sync Issues in VLC

It is not a pleasant experience when you are watching a video and the audio is not in sync with the video. When the audio is not in sync with the video, i.e. it plays ahead or slower than the video, then watching the video is not possible. If you are thinking if there is a way to fix this issue, then you are in the right place.

You don’t have to think much to resolve this issue. Your VLC media player is enough to fix the issue. Yes, it’s as simple as that. You can adjust audio syncing in VLC media player. We tell you how –

Follow the steps listed below to adjust audio sync in VLC:

Go to VLC Media Player and start playing the video file which has audio sync issue

In Windows –

  • Press K on your keyboard, if your audio is slightly ahead of the video
  • Press J on your keyboard, if your audio is slightly slower than the video

In Mac –

Use G key if the audio is lagging behind the video

Use F key if the audio is ahead of the video

This will speed up or slow down the audio by 50 milliseconds. In case, you press the corresponding keys multiple times, then it will increase the number of milliseconds. Press the keys until you get a perfect delay. You can see how many milliseconds you have moved the video on the upper right side of the screen.

Sometimes, audio delay is the result of video corruption. In such cases, you have to make use of Remo Video Repair Tool to fix audio video synchronization issues. You can also use this application to repair corrupted AVI header, damaged MOV file, broken video, video index issues, and other video file related problems.