How to Fix Corrupted AVI Header

REMO Repair AVI tool will fix corrupt AVI file header in three simple steps. AVI files that are unplayable or not opening in any media player due to header corruption or any other reasons can be easily fixed with this free AVI repair tool. Download now and try fixing the corrupt AVI header for free!!!


Repair Corrupt AVI File Header

Tried to play an AVI file but ended up encountering error message? Played the AVI video on other media players but the problem doesn’t seem to end? All these are indications of a corrupt AVI header. When AVI video file’s header gets corrupted, the file will not play on any media player, and every time you try to play the file you get an error message.

The header is a file location, which stores the origin of the first block of a particular file on hard disk. All file types including AVI needs a header to function properly. This header file includes specifications such as file size, last modification time, file creation date, and many others. Hence, if any of the information from a header file is missing, then that AVI file cannot be recognized by any media player, and in turn results in AVI file corruption.

So let’s see few Reasons behind AVI Header File Corruption:

  • Interruptions while downloading or transferring AVI videos
  • Playing AVI video file on an unsupported media player
  • Compressing AVI videos in an improper manner
  • Sudden system shutdown when AVI file is playing

In spite of AVI header being corrupted, you need not panic. There are many applications which you can use to repair corrupt AVI video. So all is not lost, use a professional repair application such as Remo Repair AVI to fix corrupted AVI header easily. This AVI Repair tool will safely fix broken video files in just a few steps.

A quick Solution to Repair Corrupt AVI File Header:

Remo Repair AVI software will fix corrupt .avi header in just a short while. The tool helps to repair HD videos which are broken, corrupted, or damaged. AVI video corruption due to header file errors, incomplete download, or any other possible reason will be fixed. The software takes a copy of the corrupt video file, extracts the video audio streams, repairs both audio video streams simultaneously, and adjoins them to create a playable AVI video file.

Along with AVI file repair, the application also fixes HD DivX and XVID video files. Even when SD card video fails to play, AVI file present in hard drive freezes every now and then while playing, AVI video is broken, etc., Remo Repair AVI fixes the videos securely. The repaired AVI video files can be played on all versions of Windows and Mac operating systems.


Guide to Repair Corrupted AVI Header:

Step 1: Download Remo Repair AVI application on your system and install the same. Run the software and follow the main screen steps. Select your corrupt AVI file which is to be repaired using “Browse” option. After selecting the AVI file click on “Repair” option to start the repair process as given in figure 1.

Fix Corrupt AVI Header - Select AVI File

Figure 1: Select AVI File

Step 2: The software starts repairing the AVI video and the repair process can be viewed in the progress bar as given in figure 2.

Fix Corrupt AVI Header - Repair Process

Figure 2: Repair Process

Step 3: After repair completion, the program displays the AVI video file description. The tool also allows you to preview the repaired AVI video before saving as given in figure 3.

Fix Corrupt AVI Header - Preview AVI File

Figure 3: Preview AVI File

Step 4: Finally, save your repaired AVI file to your desired destination location.