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How to Correct Outlook Error?

Outlook is a software program developed by Microsoft that is widely used around the globe. MS Outlook provides its users with many outstanding and useful services such as email management, web browser, calendars, an address book, create notes etc. This application comes as a standalone application or is included with Microsoft Office suite. Although this application has enhanced security features sometimes users find it very difficult to access Outlook application and come across many errors. Due to which items from Outlook gets deleted and becomes inaccessible. But not to worry, here you will learn how to fix Outlook running slow or freezing or hangs and other Outlook problems with simple clicks.

To help you resolve your Outlook problems faster, here are most commonly received Outlook errors and their solutions:

  • Outlook Send Error: “Object not Found”

There are mainly two reasons due to which you encounter this error message, one is your Outlook profile is corrupt and the other reason would be your automatic SMTP settings have not been picked up correctly.

Solutions: For SMTP settings, manually configure your outgoing; the easiest way to do it is by deleting your email account and adding it again. If you are not sure about the SMTP values, please contact your service provider. For Outlook corruption settings, you can repair the PST file corruption using ScanPST.exe or with the help of powerful PST repair utility like Remo Repair Outlook.

  • Sending / Receive Error: “Outlook data file cannot be accessed error”

This error message occurs when your emails are being saved in wrong location (or) your Outlook account is configured incorrectly (or) your Microsoft Outlook application does not have permission to write to data files.

Solution: If you are using multiple Outlook accounts, then may be your Outlook data files are saving emails in wrong locations. To solve this problem, change the folder location by going to Account Settings and click on “Change Folder”. For Outlook configuration incorrect problem, just create a new Outlook profile and add the existing data file. And Outlook permission problem just log into your account as administrator and do the necessary changes.

  • Sending Error: “None of the authentication methods supported by this client are supported by your server”

The main reason for you to encounter this error message is, if your outgoing mail server settings are wrong.

Solution: To eliminate this error message, edit your account settings and check mark the option “Log on to incoming server before sending mail”. (Go to Outlook File menu --> Account Settings --> double click on your email account --> More Settings --> Outlook Server --> check mark the option “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”, then mark the option “Log on to incoming server before sending mail”)

  • Outlook Error Code: “Outlook is unable to connect to the proxy server”

The reason behind this error message is Windows root outdated certificate and the resolution is to look for updates to Root certificates, mark these updates and install them.

  • Task Error 0x8004210A – “The operation timed out while waiting for a response from the receiving server”

This error message is triggered due to three reasons:

  • Your connection to the mail server is slow
  • If you’re sending or receiving large email attachments
  • The Outlook Send and Receive job is being blocked by a firewall