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What to Do When Outlook Running Slow and Not Responding

If you find that your Microsoft Outlook is running slow and not responding error or Outlook hangs or freezes frequently on Windows 10/8/7, then here some troubleshooting ways are explained below which you can try.

How to fix Outlook running slow?

Solution 1: Run Outlook in Safe mode

If Outlook stops responding, then running in Safe mode is a better idea. To do this, follow below steps:

1. Exit Outlook

2. Launch Outlook in a Safe mode by selecting one of the following option:

  • In Windows 10, select Start, type Outlook.exe /safe and click Enter.
  • In Windows 8, choose Run from Apps menu and enter Outlook /safe, then click OK.
  • In Windows 7, select Start, enter Outlook.exe /safe, and hit Enter.

3. Terminate Outlook and open it normally

Solution 2: Repair your Outlook data file (PST)

The Inbox Repair tool i.e. scanpst.exe repairs your Outlook data files by scanning and can resolve issues with Outlook freezing, hanging or not responding error. To use scanpst.exe, close Outlook and follow the relevant steps mentioned below:

1. Locate scanpst.exe utility according to your MS Office version.

2. Double click scanpst and click Browse to choose the Outlook data file that you want to scan.

3. Select Option to indicate the scan log and click Start.

4. If still errors exist in Outlook data file, you are asked to start the repair process.

5. To begin the scan again, you need to hit on Repair icon.

What to do if Outlook running slow and not responding after running Inbox Repair tool?

In some situations, a PST file might be corrupted or damaged severely that scanpst is unable to fix the issues. In such case, you can easily fix damaged PST file and recover Outlook data by using Remo Repair Outlook software. It is an advanced alternative and far superior versions of scanpst.exe.

Few common symptoms of Outlook running slow after update

  • It takes a lot of time for Outlook to switch between folders or to view email content
  • Outlook doesn’t respond to your command or its responses are erratic
  • You constantly get Outlook crashes or several error messages
  • It takes several minutes for Outlook to start
  • Outlook dies or it open slowly, after it was minimized to the Windows systray