Steps to Play AVI Files on Windows 10

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As the default media player in Windows OS including Windows 10, Windows Media Player has built-in support for playing AVI files. But, there are some problems when you want to play .avi in WMP after upgrading to Windows 10, right? Many users like you find that sometimes WMP won’t play AVI videos at all or it only plays the audio without video and vice versa. Now no need to worry! This tutorial will guide you to fix Windows 10 Not Playing AVI issue and help you on how to play AVI files on Windows 10 without any problems.

Why Windows Media player won’t play AVI files?

There are two common reasons why AVI files not playing in Windows Media Player after updating the operating system to Windows 10:

Codec issue: WMP failing to play AVI video lies in the .avi video codec problem. If your computer lacks the codec that is required to play AVI, then Windows Media player can’t play AVI problem occurs.

AVI file corrupted: If AVI file is corrupted or damaged by accident or virus infection, then Windows Media Player may fail to play the video.  

Apart from above mentioned factors, there could be variety of reasons from installing media player to Windows updates that can cause AVI file not to play on Windows 10. Let’s have a look at how to play AVI video on Windows 10.

Easy steps to play AVI files on Windows 10

1. Enable AVI format in Windows Media Player:

  • Launch WMP and press ALT to display the menu bar
  • Under Tools menu select Options
  • Click on the File Type icon in the Options window
  • Check for the format (AVI) to play with Windows Media Player
  • Click OK button

2. Upgrade WMP to the latest version:

  • Launch WMP
  • Click ALT tab or directly access the menu bar
  • Go to Help, then click Check for Updates and follow the on-screen instructions

3. Download and install codec packs for Windows Media Player

If Windows 10 still unable to play AVI files, then you need to repair the .avi file by using Remo Repair AVI tool. It safely fixes all the issues in the AVI file and generate a new healthy video that can be played on any media player. Download the free demo version of the software and preview the portion of repaired video prior buying the licensed version.