Windows 10 not Playing AVI Files

AVI files that refuse to play on Windows 10 due to codec problem or corruption will be fixed quickly using Remo Repair AVI tool. Click download to try the trial version of the software for free!


When you try to play AVI videos in Windows media player on computer running Windows 10 OS, you may encounter various error messages such as:

  • Cannot play back video stream: no suitable decompressor could be found
  • More than one codecs required to open this content could not be found
  • Media player cannot open file name. Please verify the file and try again
  • Invalid file format error

Why Windows 10 Media Player won't play AVI files?

Generally, the case of Windows 10 won't play AVI files mainly results from the following two reasons:

  • Codec problem: Windows Media Player (WMP) failing to play AVI videos on Windows 10 computer lies in the AVI video codec issue. If the AVI video was encoded with unsupported codec that your computer lacks, then Windows 10 can’t play AVI problem occurs.
  • AVI files are corrupted or broken: Sometimes, Windows 10 won't play AVI due to AVI file being corrupted or broken by accident. Perhaps AVI video file is interrupted and then goes wrong while transferring AVI files to other devices or during its download or something.

Now that you know the causes of AVI file not playing on Windows 10, your next step is to learn how to fix corrupted AVI video file and make the AVI video playable again. But, how do you do it? An advanced AVI repair tool by Remo will take care of repair process of your corrupted or broken AVI file and make it readable in just couple of mouse clicks.


Steps to repair AVI file not playing on Windows 10:

Click Download Now button to get the trial version of Remo Repair AVI tool for free. Install it to your Windows computer and follow below mentioned steps to make AVI files playable again:

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair AVI, click on “Browse” button to select unplayable AVI video file and then click on “Repair” icon

Browse AVI file and click Repair

Step 2: The software starts fixing AVI file errors which you can see via progress bar

Monitor status of repair process

Step 3: After repair, tool shows the repaired file description which you can see by clicking “Preview” button and to save the repaired AVI file just click “Save

Preview and Save repaired AVI file


Make use of Remo Repair AVI application to fix Windows 10 won't play AVI files

Remo Repair AVI is the perfect tool to repair AVI files that refuses to play on Windows 10 due to corruption or any other reasons. It easily repairs AVI files generated using digital cameras, smart phones, media players, camcorders and other digital gadgets. Tool enables you to successfully fix corrupted XVID and DIVX video files that are of large size.

AVI file repair software from Remo includes easy and cleaned user friendly interface by which even amateur user will fix corrupt AVI video in just few minutes. Remo Repair AVI program is capable of repairing unplayable AVI files that are stored on different storage mediums like hard disk drives, USB drives, flash memory cards, pen drive, to name a few.

Follow these suggestions to prevent AVI file from corruption or damage:

  • After upgrading your system to Windows 10 OS, update the codecs for WMP to avoid issues with AVI files
  • Do not change AVI file type to any other file extensions needlessly
  • Try to avoid playing AVI videos on unsupported media player