Application to Split a Large RAR File

There are times when you are in need of splitting a large RAR file into smaller files, especially when you have to share the file. You would ask how to split RAR into multiple files? Well, this is possible with WinRAR application.

Basically, WinRAR is a file compression tool, but yes, it can also split up a large RAR file into several smaller ones. In fact, now you can easily split a large RAR into multiple files with the help of WinRAR application!

Simple steps to split a RAR file into multiple parts

In order to accomplish this task, just follow these steps –

  • At first, locate the RAR file you are looking to split
  • Once the file is located, right click on the file and choose Add to archive option
  • Now in the General tab, select a name for the file which you are going to split (In case you don’t select a name, WinRAR will automatically select a name for the file)
  • In the Split to volumes, bytes option, you can decide the maximum size preferred for each file you wish to split your larger file into
  • Choose the file size and click OK. WinRAR will compress the RAR file and then split it into multiple smaller files
  • When the splitting is completed, the smaller files will appear on your desktop numerically

So there you go; you have successfully split a large RAR file into multiple smaller files using WinRAR.

Extra Info: While splitting RAR file into multiple files, or even while compressing a RAR file if anything goes wrong and the file gets corrupted, then you can fix the file easily. Remo Repair RAR tool will fix not opening RAR file, corrupted, broken, inaccessible RAR file in just a short while.