How to Play AVI Files On Mac?

  • Go to Finder and select the AVI file
  • Drag it onto the QuickTime Player icon


  • Open Mac dock
  • Launch QuickTime Player
  • Go to menu
  • Click on New Finder Window
  • Browse the location of AVI file
  • Double-click on the AVI video

This is what a typical Mac user do, to play a AVI file on Mac. But, we can’t ensure that this method always works in playing AVI files on Mac. Since QuickTime only plays native AVI files with MJPEG video.

So, when you want to play a AVI file on Mac and QuickTime fails to play the AVI video, then you can employ below techniques.

1. VLC Player: VLC is an effective AVI player for Mac. It the easiest and free-way of playing AVI file on Mac. So, you must give it a try.

  • Download VLC player on your Mac
  • Install it using its .dmg file
  • Select the AVI file, which you want to play
  • Right-click on it and opt Info
  • Choose Open with and select VLC from list

2. Old QuickTime Edition: If you have the latest version of QuickTime and it fails to play any AVI file present on your Mac then go for an older version of QuickTime and try to play your videos. (QuickTime 7 plays AVI videos without any additional plug-ins or codecs)

3. Convert AVI to QuickTime video: Convert your AVI files into QuickTime videos and then play them. To convert AVI into QuickTime compatible file format,

  • Launch QuickTime player
  • Use export to QuickTime option in the file menu
  • Browse and select the AVI file
  • Ensure that destination file format is MOV
  • Finish the process

You can also make use of an efficient video converter tool to convert the AVI file.

4. Use Perian Plugin: Perian is an open-source QuickTime element, which allows you to play different video formats that you are unable to play on your Mac. If you are using QuickTime as your prime player, then you can download Perian because it offers necessary codecs that help you to play AVI files on Mac.

5. Third Party AVI Players: If none of the above methods help you to play AVI files on Mac then use third party media players, which are available online.

If your AVI file fails to play even in third party AVI players, then it seems the file is corrupted. So, first your repair AVI file on Mac and then try to play it using any of the above methods.