Free AVI Repair Tool for Mac

Fix and Play AVI on Mac OS X

Audio Video Interleave (AVI), is the most popular and widely used video file format developed by Microsoft Corporation. A single AVI file consists of separate audio and video streams that are combined when the file is made to play. But, like other video files, AVI files are also prone to corruption issues, and when you try to play AVI files, when corrupted, they will refuse to play in VLC, and other Mac supported Media Players. Such unplayable AVI files can be easily made to play again with all its original features by using the most efficient tool called Remo Repair AVI for Mac, which is an excellent tool to fix AVI files osx that do not play on Mac systems.

Remo Repair AVI is a reliable and safe AVI repair software for Mac that can repair AVI Mac OS X by fixing various corruption or damage issues related to AVI video files. It is brilliantly designed to work on Mac OS X based computers and Notebooks so as to fix inaccessible .avi, .divx and .xvid video file types within no time.

How do AVI files get corrupt or damaged?

  • Improper download / transfer of AVI videos from internet or from Mac system drive to other external storage media
  • Malfunctioning of media player on which AVI file is being played
  • Sudden system termination due to power outage while playing AVI video file
  • Damaged AVI file Header due to codec issues or other software conflicts
  • CRC error and occurrence of errors while moving AVI files
  • Synchronization errors i.e. mismatch of audio and video tracks in the AVI file
  • Unorthodox methods of AVI file compression that damages CODEC of the file
  • Under some worst cases there is a chance of malware infection to your Macintosh machines, which can severely corrupt AVI file stored on it

All the above mentioned scenarios would corrupt your AVI videos and make them unreadable. But, luckily with the utilization of Remo Repair AVI Mac, one can easily fix AVI file OS X with ease and great accuracy by recovering all its elements consisting of text, audio, video, subtitles, etc.


Salient Features of Remo Repair AVI Mac:

  • Performs ultimately in fixing AVI files that are severely corrupted / damaged / broken and unplayable
  • Provides user friendly interface with descriptive steps and screenshots to repair AVI file Mac OS X.
  • It can mend error showing and unplayable AVI videos to make them play AVI on Mac OS X once again
  • Supports in repairing AVI videos from iTunes, external HDD, USB drive, flash memory cards, etc
  • Capable of fixing AVI as well as DIVX and XVID video file formats
  • Remarkably repairs AVI video formats that are created on different digital cameras, camcorders, iPods, etc
  • Affords step-by-step procedure of AVI video repair Mac process according to user needs
  • Works on Mac OS X High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion( 64 bit) computer and MacBook to fix and play AVI video on Mac

Know how to use Remo Repair AVI tool to fix AVI file on Mac:

  • Download and install the free version of Remo AVI Repair Mac software on your system
  • After successful installation of the software, launch it and Browse for your corrupt AVI video file that has to be fixed. Select the corrupt AVI file, and hit Repair button
  • Software scans the file, separately extracts all the contents of the file
  • Once completed with AVI repair Mac process, preview the repaired AVI file with description & sound using Preview option
  • Save the fixed video file in new location on Mac system

Fix Corrupted AVI Video on Mac

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Repair AVI Header

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Repair Partially Downloaded AVI Video on Mac

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Repair Corrupted Video Files

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Fix Corrupted DIVX Files

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XVID File Won't Play

XVID file won’t play on Mac system is that your issue? Don’t worry!!! Remo Repair AVI is the perfect utility that is highly suggested by industrial experts to repair XVID files

AVI File not Playing on VLC Mac

Is your AVI File not playing on VLC on Mac? Don’t worry!!! Remo Repair AVI which is highly recommended by industrial experts can fix AVI files within few easy steps.

Cannot Play DIVX Files

Cannot play DIVX files on Mac system is your problem? Then opt for Remo Repair AVI that provides powerful scanning algorithms to fix DIVX files within few simple steps.

DIVX Audio Codec not Working

DIVX audio codec not working is your problem? Just Relax!!! Remo Repair AVI Mac is one of the efficient tool that can fix DIVX files within few simple on all Mac operating system.

Mac DIVX No Sound

Are you thinking how to repair Mac DIVX no sound? Don’t worry!!! Remo Repair AVI is best tool that can fix DIVX files within few easy steps on your Mac system.

Not Opening AVI File in iTunes

Remo Repair AVI is one of the potent repairing tool that provides strong scanning algorithms to repair AVI file not opening in iTunes within few simple steps on Macs system.

Repair Damaged AVI Video File

Remo Repair AVI is one of the highly recommended tool by industrial experts to repair damaged AVI video file within few simple steps on all the versions of OSX computer.

AVI File will not Play Video

Use Remo Repair AVI Software to perform repairing of AVI files that does not play videos due to some corruption issues.

QuickTime Cannot Open AVI on Mac

QuickTime not playing AVI files? Then go for the best repair tool called Remo Repair AVI that provides built in scanning algorithms for repairing AVI files, which cannot be opened in QT.

Repair AVI Bad Frame

Repairing AVI with bad frame got easier with the help of Remo Repair AVI tool which effortlessly fixes AVI video file with bad frame & makes it playable on any media player in just few simple steps

AVI File will not Play Video

Use Remo Repair AVI Software to perform repairing of AVI files that does not play videos due to some corruption issues.

Fixing Audio Sync AVI in VLC

Is AVI file audio completely out of sync with its corresponding video? Opt Remo Repair AVI tool that can proficiently fix sync issues in AVI files and make them playable normally.

How to Fix DivX Video Files with No Sound?

Use Remo Repair AVI software to fix DivX video files with no sound on Mac. This proficient tool can also repair corrupted AVI & XVID files on different Mac OS X versions.

AVI Files Not Playing Audio in QuickTime

Remo Repair AVI is an excellent tool to mend AVI file that plays video but no audio in QuickTime; this proficient utility is compatible on all Mac versions to fix AVI sync issues

Fix Corrupt Digital Video File

By using Remo AVI Repair tool Mac, you can fix corrupt digital video files on different Mac & Windows OS based machines; it repairs AVI, XVID & DivX video created on different gadgets with ease

How to Play AVI on MacBook Pro?

Remo Repair AVI is a proficient utility to fix any type of issues or errors related to AVI video files on MacBook Pro, and other Mac.

XviD Codec Error Repairing

Remo Repair AVI is an amazing tool to fix codec issues on XviD file. Not only codec issues, this powerful utility is capable fixing all the errors that occur on XviD video files

Fix Damaged Video Files on Mac Mini

Want to fix broken video files on Mac Mini? Then, try Remo Repair AVI tool which is most powerful and advanced repair application.

Repairing Codec Errors in AVI Video File

Now you are able to fix codec errors of AVI file on your Mac computer. You have to just make use of Remo Repair AVI tool, which is an efficient utility and is capable of fixing AVI file that have been corrupted or damaged.

Repairing Unplayable AVI Videos in Media Player

Are you aware of fact that the AVI videos which are not playing on media player can be easily repaired now? You need make use of Remo Repair AVI tool, which is highly efficient and is capable of fixing all the errors of AVI videos.

Unable to Play XviD on Mac

If your XviD won't play on Mac computer, then it might have got corrupted. Well, don't panic and give a try for Remo Repair AVI software that can efficiently fix not playing Xvid files on Mac running with Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, etc.


Fix Mac Can't Open AVI File

AVI files might have got corrupt or damaged due to sudden system turn off or media player incompatibility issues. In such case, use Remo Repair AVI porves to be the best possible solution to fix AVi file and make it playable in smoothly running mode.


Fix XviD Movie on Mac

Easily fixes corrupt, damaged or broken XviD movies on Macintosh line of computers using Remo Repair AVi utility. Perfectly repairs errors on XviD movie files and convert them into playable mode.

Fixing XVID Video not Playing on Mac System

Use efficient Remo Repair AVI application to fix issues of XVID video file unable to play on Mac computers and make them playable very smoothly like before by solving all audio video syncing issues.

Fixing AVI Movies

AVI movies become unplayable when they are corrupt or damaged. Corrupted or damagd or broken AVI movie file can be easily repaired using Remo Repair AVI Mac program


Playing an Incomplete AVI File

It is very easy to play incomplete AVI file by using Remo Repair AVI wizard, which has been equipped with advanced mechanism for repairing and playing partial AVI files after corruption or damage issues

Repairing CRC Error in AVI

Remo Repair AVI is an advanced video repair software which can fix CRC errors in AVI which is corrupted and makes it again playable

AVI Files Refuse to Play Subtitles

Remo Repair AVI is an efficient tool that can be utilized by all users to fix and play AVI video files not playing subtitles on various versions of Mac OS X system.

Cannot Play AVI File In VLC

If you are not able to play AVI file in VLC player, then fix your file immediately with Remo Repair AVI tool which will then give you a playable video that too in an instant manner

AVI File Repair Mac OS X

Are you searching for a suitable AVI file repair too for fixing AVI videos on Mac OS X? Then make use of Remo Repair AVI for repairing videos that are corrupted due to sudden power surge, improper conversion, etc

Repair AVI Index Permanently Mac

Use Remo Repair AVI tool for Mac OS X systems which will permanently fix the index issues & get back the unplayable AVI file into a playable file format again in just 3-4 steps

Repair Choppy Recorded Video

With Remo Repair AVI, you can easily fix choppy recorded video of various formats including AVI, DIVX & XVID on both Windows as well as Mac OS X

Audio Video Sync Software Mac

Know how to repair AVI, XVID & DIVX files that do not play due to audio video synchronization problem on different versions of Mac OS X including OS X El Capitan

Repair Truncated AVI File Mac

Remo Repair AVI program easily repair truncated AVI file & also fix DIVX / XVID video files truncated due to network interruption, header corruption, bad sectors, etc. on Mac OS X

Corrupt AVI Video File Repair Software Download

Remo Repair AVI software helps you to fix AVI, XVID, DIVX video files that are corrupted, broken or inaccessible due to any unknown reasons in just few easy steps

How to Fix Bad Frame Report in DivX

If you are unable to play DIVX file on Mac due to bad frame report then make use of Remo Repair AVI software to fix the issues & make them playable again in no time

Fix CamStudio Error Recording AVI File

Remo Repair AVI tool easily fixes any kind of errors generated while creating/recording AVI video files using CamStudio application on Windows as well as Mac operating system in just 3 simple steps

QuickTime Does Not Play AVI Files

Effectively repair AVI file that cannot be played in QuickTime media player as a result of unsupported codecs, transfer errors, download errors or any other causes on Mac

Repair DivX File Error Unsupported Subtitle Format

Download Remo Repair AVI software which will assist you to fix DivX video file with unsupported subtitle format error on Windows or Mac based system in just 3 simple steps

MTS File Not Playing on Mac Repair

AVCHD .mts files that do not show on Mac or Windows system will be fixed & made playable again just like before within few simple steps with the aid of Remo Repair AVI software

Free Software to Fix Grainy Video

Make use of Remo Repair AVI software to fix grainy video that are created by any brands of digital camcorder or mobile phone in a hassle free manner on Mac & Windows platforms

How to Play AVI Files on macOS Sierra

AVI files that refuse to play on macOS Sierra due to outdated drivers or corruption will be fixed in few simple clicks using Remo Repair AVI tool; Use free trial version & preview the fixed video now

Playing AVI Video with QuickTime Player on Mac

If you are unable to play AVI video with QuickTime on Mac, then this page is for you. Here are few methods by which you can play AVI in QuickTime, & also fix AVI files when corrupted with the help of Remo Repair AVI application.