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What is MOV file?

MOV is a multimedia video file format developed by Apple Inc. for QuickTime Media Players. MOV is one of the best and most popular video file formats used to play videos on number of electronic gadgets such as Mac laptops, notebooks, iPhone, Camcorder, DSLR camera and many others. The best thing about MOV videos files are that, they store multiple video and audio tracks independent to one another and can easily run on both Windows and Mac platform.

Advantages of MOV video files:

  • MOV files are easy to edit and can be embedded well with any programs
  • MOV files have simple design, editable layout and can be fitted into other media file types
  • It offers high picture clarity compared to other media file types
  • Has advanced compression technique, more reliable and can be easily used on PowerPoint Presentation slideshow
  • Is the default video file format on Macintosh and iOS devices

Nevertheless, one big drawback with MOV video file is that they are not completely secure and are vulnerable to problems such as corruption or damage. So if you are a user with such problems, no need to get upset. You can use Remo Repair MOV application to solve the issue.

Useful Tips:

  • Take a backup of your important MOV files
  • Download and Install a powerful antivirus program to remove malwares/virus causing corruption
  • Never interrupt the MOV file downloading process in between
  • Use good media players to play your MOV files
  • Never eject or remove your device while transferring MOV video file