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Repair MOV File on Windows System

MOV is one of the popular multimedia file formats developed by Apple Inc. for QuickTime Media Player. Even though Apple has developed this media file format for Mac, later its compatibility is added to Windows operating system as well and hence MOV has gained more popularity among Windows OS users. It contains different kinds of multimedia files including video, audio, effects, text, 3D, 2D animations, etc. But, sometimes when you play your favorite MOV movies on your Windows computer, you may receive errors such as “the document “” could not be opened”, “the format is not supported”, “required codec isn’t available” and so on.

This type of errors usually appears when MOV files are corrupted and unless you repair it, you won’t be able to play it on any media player on Windows system. Remo Repair MOV tool is exclusively designed for such users who are in need of help to fix errors in MOV file, so as to make it playable again on Windows OS. Along with MOV files, it will also repair MP4 video file formats.

What causes corruption of MOV files? Repair MOV

  • Infection of MOV file due to viruses/malware attack can alter the MOV file structure or may damage header component. In such case, MOV file cannot be played by any multimedia player on Windows
  • Any interruptions like power failure or abrupt system shut down while editing or playing and transferring MOV videos files between camera/camcorder to PC or vice versa can damage them
  • Accidentally turning off camera, device low on battery or ejecting memory card while recording MOV videos on camera or camcorder can lead to corruption
  • MOV video files present in external storage drives can be corrupted if you use them on different computers due to bad sectors, file system corruption and disk errors
  • Conversion of video file format, editing video using video editing tools, faulty firmware of camera/camcorder, etc. are other possible reasons behind corruption of MOV video files

MOV Repair on Windows with Remo Repair MOV tool:

You need not panic when your MOV videos cannot be played on Windows system due to any of the above mentioned facts. With the aid of Remo Repair MOV application, it is now easy to repair corrupt MOV file by your own. Remo MOV Repair software is an amazing tool, which can perfectly repair damaged MOV file on Windows OS. This application works by initially extracting the video and audio frames separately from corrupted video file and then tries to fix errors in them. Soon after repairing QuickTime movie, it joins both audio and video frames together to create healthy and playable video file. Therefore, if you are looking for an application to repair MOV videos that are unplayable, then you are advised to use this tool for better results because this software never affects the quality of .mov files during repair process.

Attractive Features of Remo Repair MOV for Windows:

  • Repairs and fixes truncated and corrupt MOV video files without altering its contents 
  • Fixes High Definition video files created by professional cameras and camcorders
  • You can fix MOV and MP4 videos present on system hard drive, memory cards, iPods, flash drives and any storage drive on Windows platform
  • It generates the preview option, so that you can see the fixed video file with audio playback before you save it on your computer
  • Simple user interface and entirely automated repair process which gets completed in just 4 steps
  • It works on various versions of Windows OS including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 to repair MOV video file

Steps to repair MOV files on Windows OS:

  • Download Remo Repair MOV software to your Windows computer and once the installation is done, run it to commence the QuickTime movie repair process
  • As the main screen comes up, the software asks you to choose corrupted as well as  healthy video file (for reference)
  • As you select “Repair” option, the software starts the scanning process to fix MOV file.
  • After few seconds, software completely repairs your MOV video file and shows the result along with the file description
  • Preview the video file to confirm successful repair and if happy with results by the software to save repaired video file to any preferred location on your Windows system

Note: For Repairing MOV file on Mac, separate edition of Remo Repair MOV app has been built. All Mac users can employ Remo Repair MOV for Mac tool to fix corrupt, damaged or broken MOV movies easily within few easy steps.

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Invalid MOV File Repair

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Corrupt MOV File Repair

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How to Repair MOV Playback Error

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