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Why My Downloaded RAR Files are Corrupt and How to Fix It?

“Recently I downloaded a RAR archive on my Windows system and when I tried to extract the files from it, WinRAR showed an error that the file is corrupt. Then, once again I downloaded the RAR file over the net, and I ended up with same error message, when tried to extract its content. Why are all my RAR downloads corrupt, and how to fix it? Please help me…!”

Have you ever faced such situation on your Windows system? If you are a victim of above said situation, then you will be very curious about know why downloaded RAR files always corrupt? If this is the case, here are few possible reasons behind the downloaded RAR files not opening on your Windows PCs.

Virus attack: Dangerous viruses like Trojan Horse, and other Worms can corrupt the RAR archive while downloading it through net, which makes it inaccessible

CRC errors: If RAR archive is damaged due to addition of extra bits to the original file during download or transmission, then WinRAR displays error message as it is corrupted while extracting its content

Other possible reasons: Occurrence of some unknown errors while trying to compressing the files with unsecured encryption application. Improper downloading, sudden power outage while downloading or creating a RAR archive, file header corruption, etc. could be the other possible factors behind the corruption of RAR archives

All the above mentioned factors can corrupt downloaded RAR files and when you try to decode corrupted or broken RAR, you will get an error message “RAR file is corrupt”. Now, you might have understood why downloaded RAR files are corrupt and unable to extract it. Now, it is the time to know how to fix corrupted downloaded RAR files. Repairing downloaded RAR archive files is made very easy by Remo Repair RAR software. Embedded with advanced repair strategies, this software resolves all kinds of issues like fixing RAR CRC error, unexpected end of archive, fixes bad RAR archive, virus infected RAR archives, and other issues related to RAR files in few mouse clicks. Meanwhile this tool is compatible on all popular versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows 2003 and 2008, Windows 2000, etc.