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Why are My Photoshop Images Blurry and How to Fix Them?

“I am using Adobe Photoshop CS6 saving for Web and Devices, PNG-24 with transparency, Quality at 100% with nearest neighbour option selected. They look crisp and perfect after saving, but I get a weird blurriness especially around the edges of text once I upload to Pinterest. The colours are not smooth. I don’t know why are my Photoshop files blurry, and how to fix them? Please help me…!”

If you are also facing the same issue with your Photoshop CS6 image files, then here are the reasons behind Photoshop images blurry effect. The solution for a question like why is my Photoshop image blurry issue will be seen later. Now, let us try to know what exactly is wrong with your Photoshop image files and why Photoshop image blurry when saved.

Possible solutions to fix blurry Photoshop image files:

Actually that blurry effect is called “JPG artefact”. It is a result of the compression of JPG uses. Your beautiful PNG images are likely being converted to JPG at some point. If you are uploading them directly to Pinterest, which is likely when it happens – Pinterest’s servers are converting images to compressed JPG to save some space.

You can try uploading them elsewhere like CloudApp, and then pinning that to Pinterest instead, but it may still be converted to JPG for display on Pinterest and it is not sure how they handle it on their end.

Or else, you have to save it as a JPG yourself. Pinterest’s servers might still convert it to a more compressed JPG than you submit, but they might just see JPG and leave it as-is. If that is the case, then you will have finer controls over the JPG compression in Adobe Photoshop and you can get a crisper JPG to submit to Pinterest.

Try fixing blurry image files with Remo Repair PSD tool:

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