Why Windows Media Player Won't Play Downloaded Movies and Methid to Fix It

“Windows Media player will not play downloaded movies, how to fix it? Actually, recently downloaded several movies over the net, and not able to watch them. When I try to play them, it automatically brings up Windows media player and then pops up an error message saying “Windows media player cannot play the file, the player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file”. My Windows media player is the updated one and any help to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank You…!”

If you are a victim of the above mentioned issue, then try out with the other media player called VLC player. If VLC player also not able to play the downloaded movies, then you have to think of some other alternative source for fixing the issue. Try reinstalling the media player and then play the videos. If still you are unable to play, then you have to rely on some other effective solution to fix the issues. Before going to know which could be the better alternate option, it is important to know what the main causes behind Windows media player won’t play downloads. Here are few possible reasons behind the issue

Broken download: If there is any interruptions during download of videos over the net, then it could result in broken download due to which your movie file gets corrupt and refuse to play on media player

Virus intrusion: Virus infection to your Windows computer from various sources like internet and some other portable device can cause corruption to your video files resulting in damage and so not able to play on media player

Header file damage: The header of the video file contains the details regarding the files date of creation, modification date, file type, file size, etc. If this header file gets corrupt as a consequence of several errors while recording or downloading due to infected firmware results in video file corruption.

Not only the above mentioned three reasons, there could be many other reasons behind the corruption of downloaded movie files. However, whatever may be the reasons, you need to rely on some effective and reliable tool like Remo Repair MOV to fix the issue. This software fixes any kind of issues associated with movie files within couple of clicks and makes them play. This tool can fix and play half downloaded MP4 video files and make them play on the media player effortlessly. It repairs corrupt, broken, damaged, and inaccessible MP4, MOV video files.