Software to Sync Audio and Video Mac

“Your AVI file suddenly seems to be having issues. The video was playing fine all the while, but when you played it on Mac the other day, the audio and video seemed to be out of sync. Wondering, is it possible to sync audio video on Mac and make the AVI video play like before?”.

Well, read this article and learn different ways to fix AVI audio video sync problems on your Mac.


How to Sync Audio and Video on Mac?

You can fix audio video sync problem of AVI video on Mac, using VLC player by following the below steps.

Step 1: Load your AVI video on VLC player.

Step 2: Hit the J or G key to increase the audio latency (single tap on J/G button will shift the audio ahead by 50 milliseconds).

Step 3: Press the K or F key to decrease the audio latency (same, a single click on K/F button will move the audio backward by 50 milliseconds).

Press these buttons repetitively until your video file gets into sync with the audio.

This technique will fix the audio-video sync issue only while watching the video on your Mac. The original AVI file will be intact since you make the changes in the player. So, the next time you play the AVI video, you will experience the audio-video sync issue again and you have to adjust the player.

In case, your video file is corrupted hence you are experiencing audio video sync problem during playback or the file is important for you so you don’t want to tune your VLC player every time to fix the sync issue then, try the permanent solution - Remo Repair AVI software.


Remo Repair AVI Tool to Sync Audio Video on Mac:

It is possible to fix the AVI audio video sync problem on Mac easily with the help of Remo Repair AVI software. Whatever might be the reason behind audio video sync issues in AVI video on Mac, Remo AVI Repair tool will fix out of sync AVI file in just a few steps. The application safely repairs the issue and makes it playable again on Mac.

This is not just software to sync audio and video Mac, but the tool also repairs damaged, broken, or corrupted AVI files on Mac. It even fixes corrupted or unplayable XVID and DivX files easily. The utility also helps to fix AVI file not playing video, CRC errors in AVI file, and so on. Furthermore, the application works in read-only mode; hence it will not modify or damage the original video file’s contents. In addition, it is designed with an easy-to-use interface so that any new user can use the tool to repair unplayable AVI, DivX and XVID video files.

This Audio Video Sync Repair program even repairs .avi files recorded on various devices like digital camera, camcorder, smartphones and other media players. Video files present in hard drive, FireWire drive, USB flash drive, memory card, etc. can be fixed. It supports repairing AVI files that is not playing on macOS Sierra, High Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, and earlier versions.


How to Fix Audio Video Sync on Mac Permanently?

Step 1: Run Remo Repair AVI software on your Mac and click on the Browse button to select the AVI file to be fixed.

Step 2: Once you select the AVI file to sync audio and video, click on Repair button.

Step 3: When the repair process is completed, you can Preview the repaired file, and Save the healthy file to your preferred location.

What Causes Audio Video Sync Issues in AVI File?

  • Playing the AVI video on an unsupported media player
  • Using unreliable tools to edit AVI videos
  • CRC errors while transferring AVI videos over the network
  • Incomplete download of AVI video file etc.

So, try avoiding above or alike actions with your important AVI videos to save them from any sort of damage or corruption.