How to Fix AVI File with No Sound in QuickTime?

QuickTime (QT) is a popular multimedia player developed by Apple Inc. This media player can be installed on different versions of Windows and Mac OS based machines in order to handle or play various formats of digital video, audio, pictures, etc. in remarkably high quality. But sometimes, you may face audio problems with AVI file on QuickTime Mac i.e., QuickTime won’t play AVI audio on Mac OS based computers!!! Because, there are numerous reasons due to which, your AVI video file might get partially corrupted or codec issues may occur, and as a result AVI file plays video but no audio in QuickTime player.

If this sort of thing is happened with your most valuable video, then you may get annoyed. However, now you don’t have to think much about audio or video issues as you can easily resolve these problems using the most relevant repair utility called Remo Repair AVI software. This repair product is built with strong algorithms that effectively repair AVI file plays video but no audio in QuickTime. It also has easy to use wizard like interface that helps both technical and non-technical users to fix sound problems with AVI files in a short duration of time. But before getting complete details about this repair process, let’s know the reason why QT player won’t play AVI audio, also to opt Remo Repair AVI software.

Why AVI file plays video but no audio in QuickTime on Mac?

As said earlier, codec issue is the major problem due to which, avi file won't play audio in QuickTime player on Mac system, and the most common reasons behind AVI codec issues are listed below;

  • The external threats like virus or malwares enters into your Mac system via internet or untrusted site, infected portable devices, etc. and then start affecting the stored files including AVI video files. So, virus is the major cause for AVI files not playing audio in QuickTime.
  • If the upgradation process of QuickTime player on Mac computer gets failed due to some unexpected conditions, then you may face audio or video problems when play AVI file on QuickTime player.
  • The header is most important part as it contains necessary information about the file like its size, location, type, etc. So, if AVI header files gets damaged due to reasons like improper closure, power failure while playing AVI files, etc. then it may leads to codec error due to which, you will face audio problems with AVI files.
  • Also, an interruption like unstable internet connection, sudden system shutdown, reboot, etc., while downloading AVI file may cause audio codec error, and as a result of this, there will be no sound in AVI file QuickTime.
  • While playing AVI file in Mac QuickTime, if there is any mismatch in synchronization of video and audio codec, then probably you may face an issue like AVI file no sound in QuickTime.

There are more reasons such as abrupt termination of QT player, improper import or transfer error, bad sectors on Mac drive, errors while changing AVI file format, application malfunction, damaged storage media, etc. that results in audio codec error and due to which, AVI files not playing audio in QuickTime. However, with the help of Remo Repair AVI program, you can resolve all the above mentioned scenarios or know how to fix AVI file with no sound in QuickTime within few simple clicks.

Why to opt this application?

Remo Repair AVI is an excellent and widely accepted tool by normal and professional users around the globe. This promising tool provides quick, safe and easy repair process to repair an AVI file that doesn’t play audio on Mac QuickTime player. It has ability to repair AVI files not playing sound in QuickTime on different versions of Mac (Yosemite, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, 10.5, Lion, Leopard, etc.) OS based desktop and laptop computers. The Windows version of Remo Repair AVI program also supports all popular Windows OS versions. This proficient utility has potential to fix AVI file that won’t play in VLC and other media players as well. It even repairs video files created on different branded cameras. Other than AVI, this app can even repair severely corrupted, damaged and broken DivX and XVID video files. Using this incredible tool, you can repair video files stored on HFS, FAT and HFSX volumes. It also facilitates you to fix AVI files stored on different storage devices like hard disk drive, Pen drives, FireWire drive, MMCs, USB flash drive, etc. Taking the assistance of this program, you can effortlessly repair broken or bad AVI files, fix audio video sync problems, errors, etc. within few easy steps. At last, it allows you to view the repaired AVI file using its preview option before restoration.


Learn how to fix AVI file with no sound in QuickTime:

Step 1: Download Remo Repair AVI software. Install it in your Mac computer. Run the app and follow the main screen steps. Now, choose the AVI video file which needs to be repaired. Then, click on “Repair” button to start the repair process.

AVI Files Not Playing Audio in QuickTime - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: After the completion of repair process, the tool shows you the fixed AVI video file description. You can also preview repaired AVI video file before saving clicking on "Preview repaired file" option.

Repair AVI File Plays Video but No Audio in QuickTime - Preview Repaired File

Figure 2: Preview Repaired File

Step 3: Finally, save your repaired AVI video to your desired destination using "Save repaired file" option.

How to Fix AVI File with No Sound in QuickTime? - Save Repaired File

Figure 3: Save Repaired File