Repair AVI Index Permanently on Mac

When you download an AVI video over the internet, there is a slight chance that the video file could get corrupted and the AVI is broken and it does not play in any media player. This type of situations usually caused when the index is damaged or corrupted. All these issues will be resolved with the help of Remo Repair AVI tool. To make the videos playable again, download this software to permanently fix the index errors. In the later part of this page, you will get to know the complete procedure about how to fix AVI index permanently on Mac.

Software to repair AVI index permanently on Mac OS X

Remo Repair AVI is a fast and result oriented program specially designed for fixing AVI index permanently without altering the source file (as it works in read only mode). The software offers very simple and user friendly interface to repair unplayable AVI files so that any novice user can use this utility at an ease. It separately repairs audio track and video track and later adjoins them to generate a playable .avi video.

Tool is compatible to fix AVI videos with index problems on different versions of Apple Mac including OS X EI Capitan.  By using this tool, it is possible to repair truncated or corrupted AVI files that refuses to play. Besides this, Remo Repair AVI supports different video file formats such as DIVX and XVID. All AVI videos that are recorded on various portable devices like digital cameras, camcorders, cell phones and other multimedia players will also be repaired with the help of this utility.


How to fix AVI index permanently on Mac with Remo Repair AVI tool

Download and install Remo Repair AVI software on your Mac machine. Launch the installed tool and click on “Open” option to browse the AVI file that is to be fixed.  Hit on “Repair” icon to permanently fix the index of AVI video file. After which the software starts repairing the selected video file and as soon the repair process gets finished, you can “Preview” the repaired AVI along with file description. Finally click “Save” button to store the fixed AVI video file on any desired location of your Macintosh computer.

Some common reasons for corruption of AVI video index

  • Any interruptions occurred while downloading AVI file from internet might corrupt the index.
  • Sharing AVI video over the network could be the reason behind corrupted index.
  • Incomplete copying of AVI from external storage devices will result in AVI index damaged.
  • Often changing AVI file extension to some other video formats may make the video index broken and the video become unplayable.

When such problems arises, without thinking much just select Remo Repair AVI tool to repair damaged AVI video file in just few clicks and make them playable.

What should you do in order to avoid these types of situations?

  • Always backup your videos and stored it in multiple devices.
  • Try to avoid playing AVI file on unsupported media player as it may corrupt your video.
  • Be careful while transferring, downloading or copying AVI files.
  • Do not download AVI files when Internet connection is slow because the video might get damaged.