3 Steps to Fix DivX Unsupported Subtitle Format Error

Learn how to fix DivX file with unsupported subtitle format error under Mac OS X using Remo AVI Repair tool. Get the trial version of this professional AVI repair software for free and repair AVI, DIVX and XVID files with ease.


DIVX is a video file format similar to AVI file but it includes some extra features like multiple subtitles, audio tracks and video menus. One can easily add or remove subtitles for DivX file for better understandability. This functionality sometimes leads to unexpected errors like “unsupported subtitle format error” due to which the DivX video may become inaccessible and may not play on any media players.

Reasons why DivX file shows unsupported subtitle format error

The unsupported subtitle format error usually occurs when there are blunders while adding any subtitle (.srt) text file. Few factors that are mainly responsible to render this DivX file format error are listed below:

  • Wrong association of SRT text file with DivX video
  • Malfunctioning of media player fails to identify SRT file associated with DivX file
  • Adding corrupt SRT file to the DivX file

One can manually resolve unsupported subtitle format error in DivX file just by renaming the subtitle (.srt) file with the same name as DivX video. But, if you are still facing the same error with DivX file, then the DivX video might have got corrupted. To make the DivX video playable again, you need to learn how to fix corrupted DivX files with Remo Repair AVI tool.

Instantly repair unsupported subtitle format error in DivX file with Remo Repair AVI

Remo Repair AVI has been specifically designed to fix all kinds of errors shown by DivX file including unsupported subtitle format error. The software is capable of repairing DivX video file that has been severely corrupted or damaged due to any unknown reasons. It’s highly interactive and user friendly interface allows even a novice user to repair unplayable DivX file without any obstacles.


How to fix DivX file with unsupported subtitle format error?

Free download trial version of Remo Repair AVI software and install it to your Mac OS X. Then, follow the detailed guide explained below to safely fix DivX video file with unsupported subtitle format error to make them playable again.

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair AVI and “Open” DivX video file that is not playing due to unsupported subtitle format error, then click on “Repair” button

Open and Repair AVI file with unsupported subtitle format error

Step 2: The software effectively fixes all errors in the selected DivX video and allows you to see the repaired DivX file using “Preview Repaired File” option

Preview repaired AVI file

Step 3: Click on “Save Repaired File” button to save the healthy playable DivX video file to any desired memory location

Save repaired AVI file


Other distinctive features of Remo Repair AVI tool

  • Non-destructive utility- Operates on read-only mode to fix DivX file that refuses to play, hence the original DivX video remains safe and untouched.
  • Supported video types- Along with DivX video file type, supports repairing of other video file formats like AVI and XVID that are corrupted or damaged.
  • Convenient tool- Remo Repair AVI program comes in handy to repair the corrupted video files that are stored in internal / external hard drives, memory cards, camcorders, cameras, pen drive and so on.
  • Free demo version- Offers demo edition of Remo Repair AVI which you can utilize for free and even preview the repaired video to examine the software efficiency prior buying the licensed version.

Safety measures:

  • Make sure you follow correct method to associate subtitle file with DivX video file
  • Always keep a backup of important DivX file on some other external devices