Playing AVI in QuickTime on Mac OS X

Can I play AVI file in QuickTime on Mac? QuickTime is not playing AVI, what to do? How to play AVI with QuickTime player on Mac?..... So many questions but unable to find answers! Well, we are right here to help you out with this. Let’s see how to play AVI video in QuickTime on Mac.

To answer the first question – Yes, AVI file can be played om QuickTime in Mac OS. The basis here is that the video and audio of AVI should be compressed by a codec such that QuickTime can recognize it. If this condition is not met by AVI file, that’s when you won’t be able to play it on QuickTime. It sure is annoying when you are not able to play AVI with QuickTime player on Mac. But you don’t have to be upset.

There are certain ways by which you can play AVI videos on QuickTime on Mac. Here are some solutions –

Solution 1: Convert AVI for QuickTime player in Mac

When AVI video is not playing with QuickTime on Mac, then you need to convert it to another format like MOV, MP4. You get many Video Converters for Mac which you can use to convert the AVI file to another format which is suitable to be played on QuickTime.

Solution 2: Play AVI with an AVI media player on Mac

If you are not too keen on converting AVI file into a QuickTime file format, then you have to use a media player which plays AVI videos on Mac. The VLC media player is an excellent open-source player which works on Windows, and Mac. Plus, VLC media player comes with its own built-in codec package which allows you to play various media formats. So conversion is not required.

There are also many tools available online which helps to convert video files to be played on any media player. You can also play AVI in QuickTime by installing a plugin. However, make sure the tools you use are reliable ones. If you use unreliable tools, then there are chances of AVI files getting corrupted. Corrupted AVI files will not play on any media player. What will you do under such a situation?

Relax, help is just around the corner. With Remo Repair AVI software, you can easily fix corrupted AVI files. The tool identifies the errors and fixes corrupted AVI video, regardless of the extent of damage. It extracts data from damaged AVI file, separates the video audio streams and repairs them simultaneously, and finally joins them together to render a healthy AVI file which can be played on Mac.

Fix AVI Files on Mac using Remo Repair AVI:

  • Even XVID and DivX files can be repaired along with AVI files
  • AVI videos stored in hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, etc., will be fixed
  • Supports all versions of Mac OS, including macOS Sierra, Mac El Capitan, Mac Yosemite, etc.
  • AVI files which fails to play, freezes, is broken, has audio video sync issues will be repaired



Steps to Fix AVI not Playing on Mac:

Step 1: First, download and install Remo Repair AVI software on your Mac desktop / laptop. Run the software and click “Open” option to choose corrupt AVI file. Click on “Repair” button to start the repair process.

How to Play AVI with QuickTime Player On Mac - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: After completion, you’ll be able to preview the repaired AVI video.

How to Play AVI with QuickTime Player On Mac  - Preview Repaired File

Figure B: Preview Repaired File

Step 3: Finally, if you are happy with the results then you can purchase the full version of the application to save the repaired AVI video.

How to Play AVI with QuickTime Player On Mac - Save Repaired File

Figure C: Save Repaired File