How to Fix Bad Frame Report in DivX

Download the free demo version of Remo AVI Repair tool to learn how to repair bad frame report from DIVX file in just 3 easy steps. You can play the video in Preview window of the software before saving it back to your computer


DIVX is a popular video file format when it comes to compress large sized video files. But, at times it is observed that most of the users while watching DIVX video or movie has faced awful experience due to bad frame report in DIVX. Some of the usual signs of DIVX file having bad frames are:

  • Video gets freezed all of a sudden
  • The movie skips frames
  • Pixel distortion is observed
  • Audio plays while video halts or vice versa

If you have a DIVX file and experience above mentioned problems due to bad frame report, then simply make use of Remo Repair AVI tool to learn how to repair bad frame report from DIVX on Mac in just couple of mouse clicks.

Software to Fix Bad Frame Report in DivX

Remo Repair AVI is a professional video repair tool which helps you in repairing bad frames in DIVX files on Mac OS X and make them playable in just fraction of minutes. This utility is designed with easy-to-use interface that allows every individual to fix bad frame report from DIVX file without putting much effort. It works in read-only mode that doesn’t modify your original video contents during video repair process. 

The toolkit not only repair bad frames of DIVX files, but also fixes other video file formats like XVID and AVI. You can even use this application to perform damaged AVI video file repair process on different versions of Apple Mac. Beside this, the software assist you to fix corrupted or broken DIVX file stored on various devices such as computer HDD, external hard drive, memory card, USB drive, iPod, memory sticks, FireWire devices and many more.


Steps to repair bad frame report from DIVX video file

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair AVI tool and click on “Open” button to browse DIVX file that have multiple bad frames, then click “Repair” to start DivX repair process

Open DivX file and hit on Repair

Step 2: Once the repair process is completed successfully, click “Preview Repaired File” option to view repaired file description

Preview repaired DivX file

Step 3: If you are happy with the software’s outcome, then purchase the full version and click “Save Repaired File” option to save the fixed playable DIVX file on your system

 Save repaired DivX file


Circumstances that lead to bad frame report in DIVX files

One of the major reason behind corruption of DivX video file is bad frame report and there are several factors that causes frames to become bad such as:

  • Any interruptions like disconnection of internet, sudden system shutdown, etc. while downloading DivX files result in bad frames
  • Playing DIVX file on incompatible media player also cause DIVX bad frame report
  • Severe virus attack may result in bad frame report in DIVX file

Apart from above mentioned reasons, some human errors while performing file conversion process, transferring / editing DIVX file result in bad frames. All such situations is easily handled by Remo Repair AVI.

Helpful suggestions:

  • Do not repeatedly convert your DIVX file as it might corrupt or damage your video
  • Always backup your valuable DIVX video files
  • Don’t interrupt while downloading or transferring DIVX files