QuickTime Player Will Not Play .avi Files

Instantly fix corrupt or not playing AVI files on QuickTime media player in just 3 simple steps using Remo Repair AVI. Try the demo version of the software and preview the repaired AVI video for free!


Why won't QuickTime play AVI files?

  • Transfer errors: Interruptions while transferring AVI files from Mac to other storage devices or vice versa can corrupt the AVI file due to which QuickTime can't play AVI files on Mac.
  • Incomplete AVI file download: QuickTime failed to open and play AVI files when there is an abrupt halt in download process of .avi video due to poor internet connection.
  • Unsupported codecs: If the required audio or video codecs is not installed on Mac, then QuickTime will not play AVI files properly.

If you have been victim of such situations, then you know well the QuickTime player will not play .avi files smoothly. In such case, make use of Remo Repair AVI software to fix QuickTime files on Mac and make them playable again on QuickTime or other media players.

How Remo Repair AVI tool resolve QuickTime does not play AVI file issue?

Remo Repair AVI utility works in a read-only mode to fix QuickTime not playing AVI files problem and thus never damages your original AVI file content during the entire repair process. It takes a copy of the unplayable AVI file to splice and de-mux broken parts of a damaged .avi video and transform an erratic video into seamless presentation. In fact, it will fix both audio and video streams simultaneously. All the options of this AVI repair application are presented in a simplified manner so that even a non-technical user can complete the repair process without any hassle.


Steps to fix QuickTime not playing AVI files on Mac

Free download and install demo edition of Remo Repair AVI software to your Macintosh machine, then follow the detailed guide to quickly fix AVI video files that are not playing in QuickTime player.

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair AVI and “Open” the AVI file that has to be fixed, then click on “Repair” button

Open and Repair QuickTime does not play AVI files

Step 2: After completion of repair process, click “Preview Repaired File” option to see the repaired AVI video along with its file description

Preview repaired AVI file

Step 3: To save healthy playable video on your desired memory location, you need to click “Save Repaired File” button

Save repaired AVI file

Characteristics of Remo Repair AVI software

Remo Repair AVI program easily repairs corrupt or damaged AVI, DIVX and XVID video files in few simple clicks. By using this utility, you can also fix AVI file that is stored on various devices such as hard disk, flash drive, external hard drive, iPods, memory sticks, memory cards, etc. Just 50MB is sufficient to install this repair tool on your Mac drive. Remo’s technical professionals give round the clock customer support service whenever user bumps into any complexity dealing with the software.

Helpful suggestions:

  • Always backup your precious AVI files in multiple storage devices
  • Do not play AVI files on unsupported media player
  • Never terminate the media player when AVI file is being played